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BLC22: Week 3 PAWSE, June 19

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Here we are starting week 3 of BLC22.

A recap of last weeks' goals:
1. Continue focusing on ST. How did that go? Well, I was shooting for 2 days last week and did just that. I did Thursday TT and Tuesday upper body. I also did all of my step up and punches on Monday, so maybe I actually got 3 days? Gasp...

2. I will start the C25K program. Did I? Yes, I did. Not only did I start it, but I completed week 1 and it felt great!

3. I will focus on cutting negative self talk. And? I think I did a pretty good job of this as well. I actually kept with really good habits last week, which makes me feel good about myself, so there wasn't a lot of self-bashing going on. I did catch myself one time, when Payton asked why I was going for a walk, I started to tell him "Tammy has to walk because she is fat", but before the words even came out I changed it to "Tammy is going for a walk because she likes to walk with her friend".

4. My scale goal was 1.5 pounds. Whew, this one was close...I lost 1.6. That's cutting it a little close.

It's been a really stressful week at work. I've felt a little hormonal as well and haven't been able to decide if I wanted to cry or scream at someone. I chose to do neither and instead, laced up my tennis shoes and hit the trail. I am always amazed how a good run or a brisk walk will clear my head and give me some new, calmer, perspective.

Ok, so on to my goals for week 3:
1 As with the past weeks, I will focus on ST again. I am shooting for 3 days this week. Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday.

2. I will continue to work on the C25K program.

3. I will try to avoid any junk food snacks this week. I have 2/3 of a chocolate caramel godiva bar. I will stash it in the very back of the fridge, where I will, hopefully, forget about it.

My scale goal this week is 1.5 pounds. Hopefully, I won't cut it so close this week. I really like losing more than I expect, but, who doesn't, right?

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