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Thursday, June 20, 2013

After essentially a 6-month slump in both exercise and diet, I am happy to report that I am officially back. There aren't really any excuses for my dropping off the face of Spark, but I'm also not going to be too hard on myself. I tried to blog occasionally and I feel I have done the best I can with everything I've been dealing with this past half year or so. Unfortunately, I gained back about 25 lbs of the 40 lbs I had lost. It makes me sad...all that hard work and I just let it melt away...or, maybe I should say, let it pile back on.

But that changes now.

Now that my divorce is over (going on almost four months now), my kids have adjusted to the new back and forth schedule, I am growing more in my career, I have been blessed with an amazingly loving and wonderfully tender partner, and I have finally gotten the hang of this new life in general, I feel it's time to turn my head and stop looking at the past and begin to search for some semblance of a future. In that regard, I am on a mission to transform my home, my heart and my health.


I recently heard about a great company called Melaleuca, that specializes in wellness, both environmental and personal. I have signed on as a subscriber with Melaleuca and am very much looking forward to getting rid of all the nasty chemicals and unhealthy products in my home. I am doing this for the earth, obviously...but also for my kids and myself. And...my new little feline friend.


Introducing....Minerva! She is a shelter cat that I adopted earlier this week.

She is absolutely beautiful and I already love her dearly. It appears she has some allergy issues or something because she sneezes a lot and gets stuff in her eyes frequently. No worries, cat lovers...I am taking her to the vet right away (part of the agreement with the shelter). I am sure it's just a virus or something, but I still think...why wouldn't I cleanse my home of toxins to make it safer for her as well?

I had previously boasted an aversion to animals the likes of which would put me in a hall of fame of bi*tchiness somewhere. I believed that animals were disgusting and foul creatures to care for and I did not want anything to do with them. But, you know something? Being alone 26 weeks out of the year can certainly change a person's heart in many ways. I found myself envying my friends with cat companions. I have owned cats in the past and I knew that a cat would be easier to care for than a dog. I started to look around and everything just sort of fell together. She and I are getting along quite well, to my own surprise. I think this was a good choice.


Tomorrow afternoon, I am meeting with my dietitian/personal trainer friend, Julie (incidentally, the one who sparked my health journey over a year ago!) and I have hired her to take me through some nutrition counseling and meal planning. I have had the toughest time with healthy eating on my Kid Weeks. It's so much easier to feed my picky ones convenience food and I always PLAN to make my own healthy meal and decide at the last minute that I'm too exhausted. Julie says she has a lot of great hints for me. She will also do several follow-up visits at no charge, so we can tweak the plan if necessary. This, in addition to my eMeals subscription, should be very helpful in reigning in my diet.

And, lest I forget the most important change of all. I have begun to log my food and fitness in SparkPeople again and I intend to blog more regularly. I know for a fact that this was one of the main motivators for me when I lost 40 lbs last year. I have seen from experience that I just can't walk this journey alone and, yes, I need you people.

So....good to see ya again. And you will hear from me again very soon. :)
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