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Gift of a Body

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I saw a blog post today about fueling your body with low grade or high grade fuel. And it reminded me of an analogy I had discussed many years back with someone.

If you were given a high end luxury car for free (play with me here, no taxes, licensing, storage fees, etc) but were told the only thing is this car requires premium fuel - you'd probably have no problem with that arrangement. You'd understand the benefits the premium fuel had in keeping this engine running efficiently and effortlessly. You'd understand there was work required on your part in order to accept and use this free car for whatever your will for it was.

And really, isn't that the same with our bodies?

I don't care what religion, denomination, anti-faith, Crayon color you subscribe to. Some how you ended up with a body. You were given a gift of life and given this one body to work it all out in. And no one I know thinks death is a great preference to fabulous living. We had no choice in the body we were given, granted. But we do have a choice with how we fuel it, and what we do with it.

Fueling it crap will lead to clogged up lines, slower pace, things breaking down more often and probable sooner trip to the junk yard.

Treating it as the fine tuned machine it is will definitely prolong the effects of aging, help our metabolism revving, keep our circulation going and overall quality of life.

What a gift we were given! And how often we choose to KNOWINGLY pollute it, ignore its warning lights, and make it run on fuel that will only destroy it.

Our bodies are the only things we came into this world with - it's truly the only thing that is OURS alone. And YOU ALONE are the only person who gets to choose what goes into it and what work it does. Do you give enough respect to that gift? Do you honor your body with your choices or do you choose emotional gratification over physical health at every option?

Fuel. It just gave me a moment to take inventory. I don't want to mistreat this gift I've been given - - - and I especially don't want the Giver to take it back due to misuse emoticon
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