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Of Angels, Demons and Other Out of this World Stuff!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

DISCLAIMER: You are about to enter the Twilight Zone...just a friendly warning :)

For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared. Ephesians 6:15

Had a dream last night. Don’t even ask me what’s going on! First of all, yesterday was the first time I have had a visitation from an angel…EVER. I wanted to make sure that is perfectly clear because I am the type of gal who has asked God to keep these kinds of things FAR from me. I have my reasons, and they are very, very good ones. In fact, I will share this ever since I was a small, small girl, demons have harassed me. Finding God wasn’t much of an option for me, if you will. If was find God or be tormented and never, ever sleep as a small child.

Yeah, the angel thing was very trippy, so about two hours after it happened, I asked God WHY he allowed it to happen, especially since I had asked him NOT to ever let it happen. This is what he said. “Rachel, you have been visited by evil spirits all of your life, in fact some that were very powerful, in order for you to heal completely in this area, I had to help you realize I too have a Host available at my command much more powerful than anything that has ever come to you.” I thought to myself after the visitation…indeed!

I’m telling you folks, God just has a way of doing stuff. I really don’t know what else to say or do, but SHARE. So share I will. Last night I fell asleep after completing another blog I plan on sharing soon and some random quotes I plan on sharing this morning. Oooo, the pain, the pain, the P-A-I-N God was showing me people are in! It was just so overwhelming and unbelievable! I thought dear Jesus, how can I ever help such a people, what can I one gal do amidst this OCEAN of pain?! I feel asleep thinking and thinking about that, just mulling it over if you will because it made me sick to my stomach to realize how very badly so many, many people are hurting. The devil is such a snake!

In my dream, I was walking around like all over the place, but my feet were in pain. So much pain in fact I stopped to examine them. You know how when you have something in your feet, you “feel” them over to search for something in them? Well, I was doing that, and it was so real! Realer than me talking to you right now! Ah, I said, I found something, and I pulled out a large sliver of some “Carnival” glass. It was long and sharp, and it hurt like a yeno what! Alas, I pulled it out and began to walk again, all better! Humph, I thought in my dream, but not much of it, then I woke up.

I began to pray as per custom, and the Lord began speaking to my heart about what had happened. He said, Rach, you’ve forgotten your “shoes”. I’m like my shoes? What are you talking about? He said, your “Gospel Shoes of Peace”. I said, ooo, ok, that’s why my feet hurt. I want to make sure what I share is filled with peace because you have made peace with men right? He said, bingo. I said alright, and as I sat typing this, he revealed more. A lot of times that is how faith works, you step out, and God increases, you step out and God increases. Stepping out is not that tough for me because of my God given personality! Ask my babysitter’s when I was little. One of them brought a gun after me, and many others would chase me, or lock me in my room, etc. etc. NEVER BEEN A PROBLEM SPEAKING OUT FOLKS, NEVER…so yeah, some of you if you desire HOLY BOLDNESS you may have to pray for it, that’s ok right?! Whatever it takes!

Ok, so yeah, the part God has had to do in me, to get me where I am today, is more like this. One healing, after another, after another, after another, I sense some real frustration as to how to get some of this stuff in your life, but I promise you it is VERY simple. Just ask Jesus to fix you, then allow him to fix you! Of course, I will be here to help guide you through too, as long as the Lord permits. This is a process, usually a VERY LONG process so please be patient with God, after all he has been so patient with us, right?!

Ok, lol, I am in DESPERATE need of prayers because I ramble and ramble and ramble. For all I know, I will ALWAYS need the prayers of my friends and family because it is my “thorn” so to speak. What can I say? I l-o-v-e to talk, hee, hee. Ok, so God just showed me something very special about the carnival glass, which really exists, but lies shattered in my garage after being left here after the fire my parent’s house endured. It was an heirloom that was to be passed down to my sister Tracy and one of a very few things my parent’s saved. It got broken because it was in a bad place, and I have not got to sweeping it up yet.

God said, when you tell people of the glories of my name, my life, my everything it is like you are having the grandest party anyone can imagine, everybody gets that, everybody can clearly see that, but if you can’t find a way to get others to the party with you then the carnival you are experiencing comes with a price. It works as a doubled edged sword, part of the sliver goes into you, and the other part goes into your audience. That is why, my dearest girl, YOU MUST WEAR THE SHOES OF PEACE when you are sharing the gospel! You will be bloodied up terribly, and you will leave your hearer’s bloodied up as well! WOW, I thought, WOW. Ok, Lord, ok, as I then began to pray like there’s no tomorrow again! WHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU HAVE ME TO DO?

Of course, everything he does is no secret so he spoke. Tell the people I love them. Tell them how very special they are to me, and how my Son Jesus came to take their place in hell and torment. Tell them that I long to talk to them, be with them, hold them, that all they need to do is believe that I am here, and I will come and have dinner with them, spiritually speaking. Rachel, tell them that no matter what anyone else has ever said or done to them that I will always be here for them. I will never leave them; I will never give them to another. I want them all to be mine now and always.

So yeah, Daddy, had a word for facebook today, so I am much obliged to share. I will also remember by the grace of God to keep my shoes of peace on. I do not want to sing to heavy hearts. I want heavy hearts FREE TO SING! I love you guys! Have the best Jesus filled morning ever! Amen!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    prayer is so important!
    1824 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1825 days ago
    Keep true to your beliefs! emoticon
    1825 days ago
    There is so much wisdom in the ages, too bad we can so easily loose their significance.

    1826 days ago
    Ok, I'm done, lol. God just gave me so many goodies this morning, lol. I had to share them all! :D :D :D
    1826 days ago
    When depressions lifts...
    When misunderstandings clear up...
    When your mind, for a moment, ceases to be anxious or fearful,
    What then remains?

    When you can answer that question,
    you have embarked on the journey to find the "real" you.

    1826 days ago
    If you do not share the gospel from a heart of peace, you are vulnerable to the double-edged sword. As wonderful as you may feel, if you cannot bridge the gap for a lost soul to find Christ, half of the sword enters you as it enters the other person. Peace is our protection. Peace is the bridge that cost Jesus his life. Peace is the message God sends. Peace.

    1826 days ago
    A Prayer:

    Father, there are so many, many hurting people. I am absolutely overwhelmed and saddened by the multitudes who are dying inside. Struck down, perplexed and nearly crushed, I see so many just going through the motions.

    Father show me, teach me how to unpack you carefully to a bloodied, war torn gang of misfits. Jesus none of us are worthy, yet you call us into your lap.

    As a small child, you call us up for a looksie. Jesus reveal yourself! I pray reveal your intentions because Lord YOU ALONE DRAW OTHERS TO REPENTANCE, I cannot do it. The Bible says, I have no power to do it, I can only present an option just like anybody else

    I love you Daddy. Please allow your lavishing love make sense and go deep into others hearts! You send the wave, you create the change, you alone are in control, as only YOU know how to move in and out of such mind-blowing things... Be glorified today and always because you are so stinkin' amazing! WOO HOO!
    1826 days ago
    Carnival Glass - preaching good news to condemned hearts, without peace as an acting umpire.

    Those shards run deep! The Kingdom of God is most simply righteousness, peace and joy. I look at it is a progression, as I believe this is what God has shown me.

    I first must know I am right with Christ, this causes great peace, having this kind of Jesus peace causes wondrous joy. Joy that eventually overflows to the nations! However, it all starts with righteousness. Not our righteousness, because when God looks at our deeds, they are like filthy rags, but his all sufficient sacrifice and atonement for our sins as clearly displayed at the cross!

    We get HIS righteousness by accepting that Jesus died in our place to make peace with the father so we may live the abundant life.

    Righteousness. Peace. Joy. The Kingdom in a nutshell :D
    1826 days ago
    Oh, lol, I didn't share on here that yesterday I was visited by an angel. That was on facebook, lololo. Well, I was, and I explain it in this blog. Love you guys! :D
    1826 days ago
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