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Thursday, June 20, 2013

So the last two days I have been feeling anxious and "off of my program". I ate some junk food, and ate too much in general and yesterday I slept most of the day and didn't exercise.

I was anxious and depressed because my sister and I had a conversation about weight (she is very heavy too), and I started feeling that I spend too much time tracking my calories etc., and focusing on how to lose weight. I am afraid that all of the time i spend on SparkPeople is actually unhealthy, that I am trading one obssesion for another. (I spend 2 to 4 hours a day on this site)

Does anyone else struggle with this? Why can't i be NORMAL and not focus on my eating ALL of the time?

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  • MARIANNE9855
    I don't have time to spend on spark people like I did in the beginning- now its maybe an hour but on the weekend I catch up for as much time as I need,- When I don't, I find that I lose my motivation, miss my spark friends and have a harder time staying focused- as you go on your journey I would bet that you will spend less time naturally because more things will be internalized. A couple times I thought- "will I be on spark people the rest of my life?" but I am learning to take everything one day at a time and one moment at a time- not looking at the mountain ahead but at the road in front of me and that helps me. emoticon
    1769 days ago
    I know exactly what you mean...Each morning (with coffee in hand) I log on and start reading/commenting etc....I spend quite a bit of time on the Spark site. I get motivated/inspired/encouraged here. Tracking (nutrition/exercise/water) has become a way of life for me and it helps. I have so many books on weight loss, I could open my own bookstore; but Spark is the best for gaining information. I find it easier for me to log my food the night before; that cuts down the time I spend tracking. emoticon emoticon
    1770 days ago
    I share your anxiety. I spend much time on sparkpeople as well that I could be putting to better use. I really need to cut back.
    1770 days ago
    I hear what you say. I feel the same way sometime. Just trying to be fit and healthy take so much time out of me. Not even included exercise time. Just searching for right info and getting encouragements from the blogs or SP friends takes way too much time some time and I even lose some exercise time or even my sleeping time for spending time on SP. but I admit, I am addicted on this site and searching for diet and nutuiient info on the net.
    In my kindle book, I have so many diet and nutrient book that's make you sick. I hope one day I will have time to read all the book. Maybe if I stop spending so much time here in SP.
    1770 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    I was anxious in the beginning because I did not think it could be as simple as doing the following:

    Eating within my calorie range
    Drinking at least 64 ounces of water
    Tracking my nutrition
    Portion controlling my fuel (food) with a digital kitchen scale and measuring spoons
    Moving my body
    Making sure I get enough sleep

    I just figured there would be a hitch somewhere and I was apprehensive, not trusting in SP, and more important, not trusting in myself. I decided to relax and trust in the SP program and follow the guidelines as suggested. (Just for the record, I don't follow any SP Food Plan because I am gluten free and it is not offered - but I do enter my recipes in the Recipe Box when I cook or bake).

    It's why I choose to eat healthy as opposed to dieting. It's why I practice moderation instead of deprivation. If I want a treat, I have it, in moderation, and then track it. A lot of time I practice "halfsies" where I take a half-portion of a treat - half the portion is half the calories.

    I had a long period where I did spend a lot of time educating myself, and it was worth it. Fast forward almost 10 months now and I am 3.5 pounds from my goal. Then I will re-evaluate.

    I talk about SP all the time to my husband and Mom. If a SparkFriend makes a blog post I comment. I go through my SP Friends Feed and Like or comment. I make a blog post every day. I'm sure I spend the same amount of time on SP as you do.

    To me, it's totally worth it. Every minute. Because it's all helping me become the healthiest I can be. Without SP, I would not have the success I've had.

    You're investing in yourself. You're absolutely, positively, 100 percent worth it!

    1770 days ago

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  • HFAYE81
    I read something yesterday that was encouraging to me. I too feel like i'm just obsessing over food in a different way...but I read a quote that said "It's not obsession, it's dedication".

    I'm DEDICATED to getting healthy. I am not doing this just so I look good in a bathing suit. I hope you feel better. emoticon
    1771 days ago
    I understand how you feel. I have now gained weight since starting SP; but I can't blame SP for that - I have to look in the mirror and blame the person looking back at me! All I keep thinking is when can I eat again - I need to eat - I need all that junk food. Well, I know I don't - that is what I need to start thinking. I do enjoy going for walks so I will continue with that.

    I think if you can put yourself in the right frame of mind then SP will do you and myself a lot of good -- you can get feedback and the support you need to continue your journey. We just need to push ourselves a little harder. You have to want to do it!

    The articles are wonderful and I do like the support you get from people you don't even know.

    Best of luck to you and I hope you can continue your journey and maybe next blog you will be telling us how much you have lost!
    1771 days ago
    ...had some of the same thoughts myself, but came to a useful conclusion for myself, and perhaps it'll help you, too.

    If I'm going to be OCD, it might as well be about something healthy, because otherwise it's GOING to come out some other way! When I got clean and sober 27 years ago, people told me I was just trading drinking for the obsession of AA meetings. Well, you know what, I'll take that trade! I feel the same way about the time I spend on SP - if I'm doing it instead of things that are less healthy for me, then so be it.

    Moderation is definitely the key, and finding that "sweet spot" is our task.
    1771 days ago
    I understand your concern and feel the same, but I also know that the time I have given to SP has been well worth it. I have lost the weight, gained skills and knowledge to help me in my lifelong journey. It's needs to become an obsession for a while. We have put ourselves in a bad state of health and it will require total devotion to this effort to really make it work. You need to learn all about the lifestyle changes, nutrition, health conditions, exercises, methods, tips, connecting with others as a means of support and learn how to be truly committed to the effort.

    I met someone just starting a diet on Tuesday after I gave her a full explanation of SP I realized just how much I have learned and how it all came together to make me into this new transformed healthy being. I am in control of my eating, exercise and time.
    You will learn how to manage your time as you reach your goals.

    Remember your health is worth every minute you give to SP! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1771 days ago
    I know how you feel. I am the same way. I am on the site for at least 2 hours per day. I am nuts when it comes to tracking everything. I have also gone overboard when it comes to working out. I went from being a couch potato to working out 3- 3.5 hours a day. I went from 211 to 137 and I am scared of going back to that weight. I am also very anxious and SP gives me some comfort so that is why I do it. emoticon
    1771 days ago
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