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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yesterday was a success! I got to put my little "check mark" in my phone because I avoided sugar all day long.

My meals were pretty clean. I had only two foods that were "processed". I had some pasta in my homemade chicken & noodles. I am oh-so-proud that I managed to avoid the sweets. There was a moment that I wanted some twizzlers that a coworker had left on the counter. Out of habit, I started to reach for them, but instead I had a little chat with myself that I really wanted to be able to check that box at the end of the day and stay sugar free. I resisted! Also, later in the night, I wanted to go get some ice cream and I decided that I could stick to my plan and wait until this weekend to have something.

Regarding the goal to "eat something green" - I had romaine lettuce

(I digress, I procrastinated the flossing part, so I did NOT get an all three checkmarks A+++) Today, I hope to!

I already had a huge green salad at lunch, and I'm planning to resist temptations the same way I did yesterday, by simply "putting it off" until another day.

I did Yoga on my lunch hour. It felt wonderful. I truly love Yoga. It always feels like I've given my body a full massage afterward. I admit, I love the last move the best. The one where I lay there completely still on my back, with eye pillows on while the teacher comes around and stretches me out, then rubs my forehead and shoulders. Ha! It gets me through the poses every time!

My weigh in days will be Wednesdays for now. Today I am 184.

Also, my plan for exercise is this:

2-3 days per week = walk
2-3 days per week = NROL (New Rules of Weighlifting for Women) or working with Molly, my personal trainer who I just decided to start working with.
1 day per week = Yoga
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