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A pat on the back for me, from me

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am so damned pleased with myself! Since i reconnected with SP on 4th May- perhaps a significant date- i have lost nearly 10% of my body weight.

I am utterly thrilled. That's 18lbs of fat that i have cheerfully waved on its way - on a one way ticket out of my body. I am on a roll, now.

This time (!), things are truly different. In the past i have followed advice and set up achievable short term targets, but i failed, i now realise, to set up a good long term goal. I have recently been reading a few of the motivation articles on SP and they make a different kind of sense to me this time round. Who knew?!

I have a total weight loss goal of 65 lbs, before i stop and review the situation. That takes me well within a healthy BMI range. I have now lost just over a quarter of that 65 lbs and i am feeling so good about it. I have been tracking tracking tracking using the iphone app - ideal for a geeky type like me - and although there have been a few days when i haven't tracked, i have picked myself up and got back on to it. And this time, without the self sabotaging thoughts of failure and giving up. So what if i miss a day or two? I am not perfect, but i AM motivated to get my body back in shape, gradually, and i want to get myself out of the danger ranges for coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, embolisms, cancer etc. i owe it to myself - particular as all of these, except type 2 diabetes, have been the cause of death of my parents, my aunt and all four grandparents. It would be stupid NOT to look after myself better.

Some of my motivation IS extrinsic; i don't want to be one of the fat mum brigade. I remember how mortified i was when my fat mum came to school events. I want to be fit and healthy for my work, which is moderately active. I want to be pictured in my clients' minds as a healthy person with a fab figure for her age. I want my fellow franchisees to pat me on the back when i next see them in October 2013. They are all used to seeing me as overweight and i can't wait to see their faces.

My intrinsic motivations are many. I love feeling fitter and slimmer; i already have much more of a bounce in my step, more self confidence, i keep complementing myself on my brilliant progress and how good i feel being in charge if my health, i want to see my grandchildren grow up, i want to spend as much time on this earth as possible, in a fit and healthy state. I don't want to have regrets in my old age and i don't want to precipitate my old age! I want to be teaching my children about healthy minds and bodies (theirs) and i want to teach them that you can achieve anything with hard work and dedication. I want to spend as long as possible with my soulmate, who does have health issues and for whom i may have to care when we are older. I want to be fit enough to do that for her. I want to take my kids on activity holidays where i join in or even lead the way and give them self belief and courage. I have soooooo many more reasons too.

So right now, i am feeling on top of the world. And the best thing is, i know this can and will continue. All i hAve to do is do it. Simple!
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