an open letter to all you 'skinnies' out there

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

dear skinny person;
so you think it is easy to be fat - that it is the result of a bad attitude and a lazy disposition. well, ask yourself some questions - would you rather go up and down stairs with or without an extra 50 pound sack to carry? do you think you would relish aches, pains and more in every joint in your body - particularly hips, knees and ankles? are you happy to give up the ease of walking in stylish shoes - not using a walker or cane occasionally when needed? would you want to shop for something nice to dress up in for a wedding,prom etc - and have to put on uncomfortable under garments to try and smooth out all the excess rolls of flesh ?
i have never had a bad attitude - i have always fought hard to keep myself as trim as i could be - what has happened to many of us may also happen to you. AGING - for one thing - pregnancies, other illnesses which render you limited in your mobility.
i don't wish this for anyone - and i know there are actually some of you who need to gain weight and can't - there is enough support to go around for everyone.
but we all have to not judge and try to help. FAT is the last prejudice that can still be ridiculed and joked about - that is very insulting and painful.
when you have people trying very hard to get healthy and be healthy even though they are doing their best, and following all the rules - sometimes it may not 'look' that way cause we are still in double digit sizes.
it takes a lot of work to be FAT - it takes a lot of emotion and fortitude to get up every day and do the very best we can. we still take care of ourselves - we still put on a little color - some lipstick and we still do the best we can for our family.
for all of you who do appreciate what i am saying and practice support and friendship - THANK YOU SO MUCH - and to all of you who will learn how to change your opinions - thank you too.
have a lovely day - make it the best you can.
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    2129 days ago
    Your absolutely right sometimes it's out of our control, I got like this from chronic lyme when it literally knocked me off my butt for a year! It's not because I don't want to be thin its tough to exercise all the time with the amount of pain I'm living with.
    What kills me is when you see people on here that need to lose 10lbs and they act like it's a 100 and say they are fat and you see a pic of them and they really don't need to lose the 10 lbs.
    I'm sick of thin people acting like they are so fat so they can hear a compliment about how thin they are. When you wake up in pain and your still trying to push through pain to get some exercise in and you know your trying your hardest and then you see blogs of people who only need to lose 5 or 10 lbs it's disheartening, especially when you see how they have 500 friends and 20 or more comments of encouragement and here you are venting about a lb lost or your struggles and no one writes encouraging words.
    Aging and sudden illnesses happen all the time and can really throw off your game, no one chooses to be fat, sometimes it's really out of your control.
    Great blog!
    2131 days ago
    2131 days ago
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