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The Four Nos - A Sparky Endurance Contest

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's deceptively simple, but hard to do. Consistency, persistence and willpower are key.

1. No second helpings. None. Zero. Zilch.

2. No desserts. Never, ever, ever. No matter who is having a birthday or brought something yummy to the office.

3. No exceptions. Food that no one sees you eat still counts. Food on a great exercise day still counts. Food that Mom makes and will be upset if you do not eat, still counts.

4. No lying about it. Fess up when you fall off the wagon. No cheating. When you are out, you are out.

Who is with me in starting right now, and seeing how long you can go? Post a blog or status every day starting with "4NOS" so we all can use the Sparky search box and see how one another are doing.

Ready, set, go! Yes, you, Yes, now. Yes, BEFORE that one more piece of cake. Right now. Go!

(and you are welcome)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ha! This is funny! I read the comments and it seems most of us are willing to agree to forgo seconds and willing to be honest about our calories... but there is almost no one who is willing to give up desserts. I think you've just done an experiment in human psychology.
    1798 days ago
    Um..."NO WAY"

    Excessive restricting leads me to obsess leading to binges.

    Also, the mind is not set up for negatives.

    Quick Do NOT think about a purple elephant.

    What did you just think about? You have to think of something before you can NOT think of it....

    So by saying "NO dessert"...the ONLY think your brain is hearing is the "dessert" part of that sentence leading you to think about...dessert.
    1800 days ago
    Would love to join a challenge... BUT -
    1. I agree on no 2nds - make a healthy dish eat it, then wait for it to hit belly before deciding to dig in to round two!
    2. I dont believe in saying NO... if I want a cookie, I will have *A* delish homemade, fresh out of the oven cookie.... not crappy crap out of the package bought from some deli that was made in some factory with processed crap... but my dads homemade ice-cream, yah Im having that!
    I think saying NO I CANT is a pathway to failures door and a date with guilts ugly brothers sister.
    3. all foods should be tracked, no matter what your day looked like, and M&M is still an M&M, even if it hits the floor and you apply the 4-second rule while pulling mad ninja skills out before it rolls under the fridge.. it still should be tracked!
    4. Yep.. no lying, you cant outrun a poor diet, you can lie all day but it will show up somewhere.
    GOOD LUCK buddy!!! I will be cheering you on!! emoticon

    1801 days ago
    Ok, now that I read this thoroughly, I understand. I don't do well whenever there is a "YOU CAN"T." For me psychologically, knowing I can't, I want more. Good luck though to all of the participants.
    1802 days ago
    Low carb for the win again. No need to do the first three things.

    ~ If you're hungry, then eat. Some days you'll have seconds. Some days you'll forget to eat lunch. Hunger is natural. Cravings are not.

    ~ Desserts are not essential, but not forbidden:

    (Almond cookies for the win!)

    ~ Calories do count, but not for much. Calories in, calories burned, calories stored, calories ejected. (If you're in nutritional ketosis you can literally be breathing out calories in the form of ketones.)

    ~ OK. This one I'm down with. Everyone who has food issures or a damaged metabolism should track their food.

    Not all food is your enemy. Your relationship to your nourishment has to be something you can maintain WITHOUT WILLPOWER for the rest of your life.
    1802 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/20/2013 8:15:04 AM
    Now, see, while I don't do second helpings, and I'm honest about what I eat and track everything, even what no one sees me eat (which rarely happens these days), and I exercise, and drink my water -

    well -

    even with all of that, I have dessert. Not every day. Nor every meal. (Although DH likes breakfast dessert.)

    But if I really want dessert, I'll rearrange my calories for dessert.

    Because I really am all about having fun. And life without dessert isn't fun for me.

    So - while I applaud your efforts, sorry, I'm not in this contest.

    I guess I'll be the Kramer to your George.
    1802 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    I have, for the most part, given up bread and breads things like pizza. But, I have no absolutes.

    I generally avoid desserts, but there are at least three exceptions:
    * Chobani yogurt
    * Skinny Cow frozen bars
    * Slivers of birthday cake -- especially my grandson's

    Bread is generally the hardest thing for me to fit into my calorie budget because:
    * It doesn't fill me up
    * It makes me hungrier (especially for more bread)

    If I have a craving, I go for 1 or 2 slices of 35 calorie (per slice bread) with a smidgen of PB (9 to 16 grams).

    But, YMWV! emoticon

    Lee emoticon
    1802 days ago
    i would say yes but not sure I could give up desserts as Barb and Grail have posted some great desserts. change that to sparky desserts allowed and the answer would be YES emoticon
    1802 days ago
    Not me I'm afraid. I'd cave quicker than Kramer in "The Contest." emoticon
    1802 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    If you call it a "DARE" I'm in too!! I have never refused a dare,, (ask me about T.Ping the radio tower at the State Police Post)
    As an addendum though, I agree with previous poster!("You suck, I'm in)

    1802 days ago
  • ASTRA58
    I like to think that no food is off limits for me. As long as I tell myself this, a food doesn't become "forbidden" and more of a temptation than I can handle. The moment I tell myself that I cannot have something, that is when I start wanting it the most.

    I wish you all good luck in this challenge, but if I were to participate, it would set me back in my progress. Everyone must do what is best for themselves.

    1802 days ago
    My instinct says, "No way will I stick with the 'no' plan!" I enjoyed the two seconds of contemplation I gave the challenge, anyway. Thanks, but no thanks. Best wishes to all of the participants of this one!
    1802 days ago
    No. Not for me. My inner child doesn't like to hear no. Too many a no will make my focus on yes get shaky. I do better when I think of what I can eat.
    emoticon = emoticon + emoticon = emoticon

    Nothing wrong with seconds if the first helping was all Sparky goodness.

    Nothing wrong with dessert either as a general concept. It depends on what you have in mind for dessert!
    emoticon emoticon

    No thank you. I'm not playing. And I really could put those first prize discounts to good use!
    1802 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    I'm in, kicking and screaming all the way!
    1803 days ago
    I just don't agree at all with the "No Dessert" thing, sorry. Doing stuff like that sets you up for killer binges later.
    1803 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/19/2013 1:41:08 PM
    Gah! You suck. emoticon I'm in! emoticon
    1803 days ago
    Oh no. Not this one. My niece is graduation party on Saturday and I have been calorie banking for over a week. I am going to pig out. There are going to be over 200 people there and only 5 from our family. You can tell how big her Mom's family is and they are Italian. Her Grandmother is a fantastic cook and baker. A lot of them aren't heavy for no reason. I am talking cannolis and all the good pastries. I have calorie banked plus I think I may have to diet a couple weeks after. emoticon emoticon I am so very proud of Brianna. I can't wait until she graduates medical school.
    1803 days ago
    good habits! I'm in.
    1803 days ago
    Thanks for sharing, Mark! emoticon
    1803 days ago
    Great contest (I say no to contests but still . . . . ). And how come food eaten with nobody watching still counts: how fair is that!
    1803 days ago
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