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The Path of a Lifetime...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yet another revelation for me as I've embarked on the SP path toward good health is...this is a path that has no definitive end.
It's not a two-week diet after which there is no more dieting. It' a lifetime of vigilance and awareness of what I choose to eat.
It's not a 6-week exercise program after which there is no more exercising. It's a lifetime of activity, exercise, and awareness of how my body grows stronger...not weaker...everyday.
The path toward good health is the path I will walk everyday of my life. I might encounter a slight incline where I have to push a bit harder. I might encounter a rut and fall in. I have to climb out. I might encounter rocks where I have to walk carefully so as not to slip and fall. I might encounter a mountain that I will have to climb hand over hand and footstep after footstep. I might encounter a friend who needs a helping hand, or who is willing to reach out and help me through a rough patch.
It's a beautiful path -- sometimes full of lush green easy-walking meadows. Sometimes filled with ruts, rocks, and rivers to cross. Sometimes the sun is shining on the path, sometimes the rain is pouring.
Whatever I encounter along the way is a merely a segment of my path, my journey, my life. My path is different than everyone else's - just as your path is unique to you. I wish you well as you walk the path that is your life. If our paths converge along the way, we can surely reach out a hand in friendship and support.
This is the path of a lifetime. And, I will choose to follow it faithfully, diligently, carefully, and most important of all - lovingly. I hope you will choose the same for yourself:)
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