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All this time I've been cooking porkchops wrong

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well maybe (definitely) there are more than one ways to cook a pork chop, but today's venture at a cooking light recipe turned out the best pork chop I have ever cooked!

I subscribe to cooking light emails, and this morning received one with the title "300 calorie dinners." Of course my interest was piqued and so I clicked the link to view the dishes they were recommending. If anyone is familiar with the cooking light web sight, you know that they usually present these types of things as a slideshow, showing only one dish at a time with an option to click on the recipe or proceed to the next slide. Well, my impatient self didn't want to flip/click through all of those slides, so I chose the "view all" option so I could see all of the pictures of the dishes on one screen. All of the recipes looked SO good (you can find them here

The dish I had most of the ingredients for, and which also seemed to be one of the quickest, was the Porkchops stuffed with feta and spinach (3rd column, 3rd row). The recipe was simple enough, but I made a few modifications. I nixed the cream cheese, used sundried tomato pesto instead of plain sundried tomatoes and used fresh spinach instead of frozen. The flavor of the pork chops was amazing! I even forgot to sprinkle the chops with salt and pepper before brushing on the mustard/lemon juice/oregano/garlic coating and they still turned out AMAZING!

Who knew all it took was less than 10 minutes under the broiler to cook a savory, succulent, thick cut, boneless, stuffed pork chop. I was more than delighted! I got about 30 grams of protein in that one meal for under 300 calories. I will admit that some steamed/roasted veggies, brown/wild rice, cauliflower mash or baked sweet potato would have gone wonderfully with this and upped the fullness factor, but the flavor factor needed no help at all. I highly recommend trying this recipe. I think I'll try the Seared scallops with bacon and watercress next, or should I do the lemony orzo-veggie chicken salad? They all look so tasty I can't decide, but I think either selection will be a #WIN!
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