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Futon, and son's staples coming out

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I've eaten very well today, but haven't logged it yet. I will work on making sure I don't overeat tonight. I did have a few handfulls of white chocolate chips last night when I got home - the ones I use for making homemade truffles. I put them away so I won't be tempted again.

I talked to Steve last night about getting the futon out of the exercise room. He's gong to help me. Yay! I'm pretty strong and very independent, but this mattress is so over-the-top heavy that I don't think I could have moved it alone. I had opted for the "supreme" quality mattress when I bought the thing not realizing that the weight would be so much greater than your average futon mattress.

Today my son gets two staples removed from his head. A little over a week ago the son of one of my best friends threw a plastic sword at my son (not intending to hurt him, just the impetuous act of an over-active 5 yr old) and managed to create a small slice on David's head - enough to require 2 staples. But before the staples they did 3 shots of a local anesthetic. David was terrified and it took three of us to hold him down for the shots and staples. UGH! So today he gets them out. He's still a little scared, but I've promised it won't hurt the way it did going in. Hopefully he'll stay calm.

We recently added a diagnosis of Aspergers for David. It took two years of thinking about it and wondering (and having other people question/comment on it too) before I finally did the research to see if his behavior and symptoms fit Aspergers. Holy cow, did they ever! So we finally went to his pediatrician (who also happens to be a pediatric behavioral psychiatrist) she basicially said, "Yes, I've suspected he was on the spectrum for years, but it's not a big deal." At first we decided to avoid an official diagnosis since a diagnosis wasn't required to get him the extra help he needed at school and an official diagnosis could close future employment opportunities like the military or certain federal jobs. But he was tested through the speech therapy department at school (the group that handles social interaction) and didn't test low enough to qualify just through speech. His scores in things like speaking, reading, understading language etc were all in the 80s and 90s. His pragmatic language score (which is what would be expected to be low with Aspergers) was in the low 20s. But that wasn't low enough to qualify without a doctor's diagnosis. I'm stunned a 22 wasn't low enough, but to qualify without the diagnosis it has to be something like a 7 we were told. That's nuts. So we went back to the Doctor and got the official diagnosis.

This will now enable David to get couseling on group interaction and social norms and also help him get help with his writing which is terrible. His sentence structure and vocabulary are excellent, but it comes out looking like a kindergartener or first grader wrote it - little space between words, bad punctuation, a lot of misspellings (despite the fact that he does fine on spelling tests), poorly formed letters, etc. If you look at it you expect it to be very simplistic in structure and thought, but it turns out to be complex and well-thought out. You just struggle to read it. I've got a typing program I'm going to have the kids work on this summer. That may help solve a lot of his asthetic problems, and with his official diagnosis he would be allowed to do his writing that way both at home and in the classroom.

I didn't do any eccentric stretches for the achilles tendonitis yesterday, and I haven't done any today yet. I pledge to do them tonight.

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    Ouch to the staples, but kudos to tracking down a better-fitting diagnosis! Hoping this leads toward some smoother sailing as he matures!

    1823 days ago
  • SHEILA1505
    Good luck with the staples
    I'm glad that you've got a handle on David's difficulties and that available help will make a huge difference for you all

    Big hugs
    1825 days ago
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