Why am I doing this?!?!?!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When I was growing up, I was always fit and healthy. It seems like out of the blue one day I woke up and I realized that I am not that fit and healthy person anymore. I had gained a bunch of weight, and I was lazy, I just didn’t have the energy I used to. My instinct is to blame everyone else, blame those that enabled me to be this way. Yes, there are a lot of people out there that would be more than happy to cater to my non-caring ways, but I had yet to learn, that I am the one that needs to make the changes! Once I learned that I was capable of saying no to the sweets, or saying no to just lounging around doing nothing, now there is no stopping me! You might ask, “What was the one thing that made you want to change your lifestyle?” but for me, it’s not just one thing. It was a number of things, like wanting to be my childhood image again, or one that sticks out in my mind is what was said Father’s Day last year. We were sitting at my dad’s best friend’s house, and he was telling a story about his health problems. He mentioned that he didn’t want his children or his grandchildren to look back and remember, all the times that dad laid on the couch, and wouldn’t do anything with them. My mind went “Oh, if I keep doing what I am doing, that’s the way it’s going to be”, and I don’t want that! I mean sure, I get out and do things with my son, but it’s the robot me that’s out there. It’s the no energy, “when is this going to be over” me. I was sick of it! Now since I am working out, and have energy, it’s more like “Bring it on, is that all you got?” That though, is not the only reason I want to get into shape either. Another reason is my Mother. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with Diabetes. I don’t know for certain, but I have heard that if I act now, I can help prevent me from getting it. After seeing all my mom has had to go through due to this disease, I really, really don’t want to go through it myself. So that is another bit of why I want to get into shape, and get healthier.

Along with all of these reasons, there is ongoing motivation, from my family. My husband, Richie, and I have signed up to do an obstacle run this weekend, and we are talking about registering for our first ever half marathon. Since we have started our training for the obstacle run, we have been each other’s motivation, pushing each other along and encouraging each other. My son is motivation in a way that I want to set a good example for him. I want him to remember me as an outgoing, loving, fun, mom as well as the strict old bag I can be at times! So that is motivation in itself. Last but not least my doggies Jazzy and Remi. My girls are motivation in the sense that, they have to be! They have so much energy, that it rubs off on you! There are mornings where I have wanted to stay in bed, and get some extra zzzzz’s but with Remi around, that’s not going to happen‼ She is an 11 week old Lab puppy, and she is nothing but a ball of energy! She makes sure I am up of a morning, and even though she is known for letting me take a nap or two after I get off work, it’s not a long one and her and I are up and at it again! Jazzy could care less if I am awake or asleep, but she really enjoys going out for a run with me! I can’t spend time with Remi playing on the floor, and not get out and run/play with Jazzy as well‼

With all of these motivational entities, I hope I don’t fall off the wagon anytime soon! I have my days where I will slip, and I realize it, that’s when I grasp for my motivational railing!

What am I going to do after I achieve my goal? I honestly don’t have any celebration planned for when I achieve my goal. Right now, all of the little milestones that I am noticing are rewards and celebrations in themselves. I guess if I had to pick one goal, it would to have the energy that I had when I was younger, although, I know this feat is merely impossible, I am getting close! And when I gain all of that energy, why, I believe I will use it to do some fun stuff with my family!

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