Hectic Days

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The past few days have been unreal for us. Thursday night during a tornado warning and then a severe thunderstorm warning we were in a local theater watching a play, We could not hear anything, but were aware of the warnings. When we came home, lights were on that we had left off. We knew the power had been off while we were gone. We had no computer, phone or TV service. Friday morning my husband went outside to get the paper, he noticed a very large limb had come down from a tree and knocked down a cable line from a pole. He called Comcast. They were supposed to come Friday afternoon and hook the line back to the pole.They haven't come yet. He has talked to several different people including supervisors. I am concerned about him. He is so upset with people telling him different things. They even said 2 techs had been here
He has barely left the front porch. We are both reading to keep our minds off the situation
Thanks for letting me vent. This is the most words that I ha be been able to type on my cell. I like my small phone but the keyboard is small. I am aware we are lucky. The tornado touched down about 10 miles from our home and did serious damage. I also think about NJ, the fires & serious disasters. We are fortunate.

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