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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No, I didn't simply misspell 'momentum' (though it could be argued that 'omentum' is that with which you become all too familiar once you drop the 'm' for movement).

I am talking about the omentum - the large fold of (visceral) storage tissue that hangs freely down the front of your innards (viscera) from the top of the rib cage (stomach) to the top of your pelvic girdle, like an internal apron. If your omentum is pushing outward, it has already taken up as much space as is possible within your abdominal cavity.

Greater omentum

When It Comes to Body Fat, It's All About Location

Many, many months ago I dropped by a Spark's page to find everyone congratulating them on their 'six pack' (they'd just posted 'goal weight' pictures in a bikini)... to find myself wondering, "WTH?"

While the achievement was obvious and admirable (over a hundred pounds 'lost'), I couldn't see a six-pack... in fact, what I saw looked a lot like my belly even now (and I am still FAT)... in fact, I knew I was looking at 'skinny fat' or a still quite high body fat percentage, and a very unhealthy omentum sucked in as much as possible... NOT a 'six pack'.

This is what happens to a great number of people on this site when a number on the scale becomes more important than the actual elimination of FAT. They get to 'goal weight' only to be unhappy with all of the 'loose skin' they have, and muscle that needs 'toning' underneath, without ever realizing that IN GENERAL if their body fat percentage wasn't still really high, their skin would shrink to match their new size (and yes, while I do realize that there are a great number of variables that affect this particular dynamic, skin won't be 'loose' and jiggly unless there is a significant fat layer just beneath (subcutaneous fat)... skin stretched beyond repair with fat stores diminished below 20% looks different... crepey, deflated and hanging, not lumpy and jiggly... and doctors who remove 'skin' don't distinguish the difference, or - beyond a certain point - worry about body fat percentage... they can just cut it all off, skin and fat gone with the stroke of a scalpel).

For everyone's information, in order to actually see your abdominal muscles, you would have to achieve a body fat percentage of approximately 12%, or less. Again, this varies with body types and where you store fat, but generally that's the ballpark. That is figure competition RIPPED... if you are not 'ripped' that is not a six pack.

I'm rather obsessed with the state of my omentum.

You see, for most of my adult life, no matter what I weighed, or how much my weight went up or down, I had a flat, flat belly... never visible abs, but often visible hip bones (they are peeking out again). Then, for no reason I could figure out, I developed a small pot belly around age 40... a pot belly which continued to grow. To my utter dismay, that pot belly became a full frontal pad (like an umpire's vest) that rivalled my bust for prominence. When I sat down, all of a sudden I had a very specific roll just under my rib cage that pushed upward. If I stood up and sucked in really hard, I discovered I could get a six pack look, yet it was obvious to me that somehow it was just my squishy belly fat pushed into six 'sections' ("?" pockets created by perhaps how the omentum is situated, and at my heaviest this effect was no longer possible to create)... muscle, no matter where it is, is HARD... and thus interest in my omentum was born.

...And that roll just under my rib cage? It's the 'gallbladder/liver' roll (pretty much situated right over the gallbladder/liver)... in most people a clear indication of gallbladder dysfunction, and fatty liver... certainly metabolic dysfunction, overall (in most, it's hormonally driven).

Why am I talking about this now?

Well, most of you have heard me previously whine, I mean mention, the fact that I eliminate fat very slowly, and since eliminating 60 pounds, the scale refuses to budge. It's been months and MONTHS. I was getting really down about the whole thing. Sure, I feel SO MUCH BETTER, but D@MN! Is it too much to ask that I get to look better, too, for all of my diligence?

(Last week, I asked someone in my 3-D life what she did to maintain her truly lovely and fit-looking physique, and while she ruefully admitted she's never had to do anything much, she stated that she did make a point of eating well, and healthily. Her tone indicated that I should try that. I sadly stated that this is what bothered me the most... people look at me and assume that I don't. The startled look on her face told me all I needed to know. SIGH.)

In this time I've learned some interesting information:
• you won't eliminate fat if your liver is compromised (and excess fat storage is a sign that the liver is at the very least struggling)
• you can't improve metabolic function if your gallbladder has become sluggish (and even though you may not experience symptoms of gallbladder disease, if you are fat, its function is likely sub-optimal)
• the liver and gallbladder work together
• 'plateaus' can be an indication that while you don't seem to be losing weight, your liver is actually healing and it is here from which the fat is being eliminated

...And just recently, while I wasn't paying attention to the scale (why bother?), and while I've been doing all I can to boost and encourage improved liver and gallbladder function, and while I stubbornly stick to my convictions and my chosen course of action despite a deplorable lack of progress on the scale, something happened where and when I wasn't looking.

I haven't lost weight (according to the scale), but I've eliminated the majority of my gallbladder roll (and I can feel my ribs as I run my hand down my sides)!

I haven't lost weight (according to the scale), but I have a very distinct waist once again!

I haven't lost weight (according to the scale), but my *little* pot belly is back (only two hands full, down from five or six), and is distinguishable from the surrounding landscape, perched right between the edges of my hipbones (which are detectable sitting, standing and lying down)!

I haven't lost weight (according to the scale), but I've eliminated almost all of the rolls of flesh that had been pushing out from under my arms where they meet my chest (my breasts are almost each their own distinct entities once again)!

I have a distinct neck, and my collar bone is peeking out (I have to be really skinny for it to be obvious)!

My underarm jiggle is SLOWLY diminishing!

Sitting down and hunched over, my no longer perky breasts are more prominent than any part of my omentum!

So, even though I don't understand it, even though the scale doesn't reflect it, and even though very few other people acknowledge it...
I AM eliminating fat!!!

Now, whenever I think about my omentum, what I really reinforce in my own mind is MOMENTUM... even snails have it!

I guess what I'm really trying to say here is don't worry.
Stay the course, no matter what.
Be patient with yourself, and your body.
Love your body, and it won't disappoint you.
Heal your body, and there are no limits to what you can achieve.

My DEAR Sparklings... May today and every day bring to you a ridiculous abundance of whatever you need. May you find peace within and all around you. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith and desire... a desire which even itself issues from God. May all your concerns, struggles, anxieties and fears fall like ashes as you rise on eagle's wings, SOARING above all that would hinder you along this tremendous adventure of being and becoming all you are created to be. May you answer your call and use those gifts that you have received to pass on the love that has been given to you. May the presence of God settle into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love beyond your wildest imagination. May you be overwhelmed by the grace of God as it simply "overtakes" you moment by moment... rather than being overwhelmed by the cares of life!

{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

P.S. In case you’re wondering whether you ought to pay more attention to your liver, here’s a great quiz from our holistic friends at AltMedAngel.com .

Modern Health Concepts “In today’s drugs-and-surgery approach to health care, the old concepts related to liver health are all but forgotten. In the holistic camp however, the liver is paid close attention. The following is a little quiz to help you judge the health of your liver. If you answer yes to five or more of the following questions, it’s important that you pay more attention to liver health.

1. You suffer from dry, brittle nails and/or chronically painful joints.

2. You have persistent skin problems (especially psoriasis).

3. You have a habitual bitter taste in your mouth.

4. You have constant dry eyes (which are not caused by prescription drugs).

5. You have menstrual problems.

6. You have chronic indigestion when eating fatty foods.

7. You have burning feet.

8. You often have a generalized queazy feeling.

9. Your stools are perpetually light-colored.

10. You have periodic bad dreams or nightmares.

11. You have a history of gallbladder attacks or gallstones.

On the emotional side, if you experience lots of anger, or fits of rage, or extreme frustration or general impatience, chances are the liver is in much need of a detox. The liver is well known for being the repository of certain emotional energies, especially anger. When the liver is clogged with toxins and congested with gallstones, how can you feel good? All the normal detoxification pathways are operating at low efficiency and all the bad stuff starts to back up.

If you’ve answered “yes” to a majority of the questions above, it’s time to also consider doing a gallbladder/liver flush.

See more at:


...Because omentum redeemed is MOMENTUM!



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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OOOH I am SOO glad I thought to do a spark search using terms "bat wings belly apron". I was just on another Sparker's page where she was talking about still having arm wings even after losing 130+ pounds. I have about the same amount to lose and it just seems so discouraging to even start the process more seriously, if all I had to look forward was less weight but still with the wings and the apron!!

    So I'll be checking into the liver thing more. I don't have all the things on that list but I have noticed other symptoms that additional reading seems to also indicate is related to liver.

    And it's good to read the other Non Scale Victories you noticed, where the scale didn't show a loss but your body did. All the more reason to measure other areas, like with tape measure or clothes fitting etc.

    597 days ago
  • CAROL_31649731
    I feel very fortunate to have "stumbled" upon your sparkpage. Very informative blog & your story is inspirational. Thank you for sharing!
    1766 days ago
  • NEWAT56
    I needed to read this, thanks for sharing.
    1767 days ago
    How neat to hear about how your body is changing without the scale doing the same! I love it.
    1767 days ago
    I am short of words to describe how thankful I feel for the information that you shared with us. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1767 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Just the kind of reading I needed today - I was having similar musings just the other day! You are awesome!
    1767 days ago
    I love your blogs! Certainly makes me feel better and about the scale being stuck. I do lose an insane amount of inches though, yet its that number on the scale that leaves me with a heavy heart.
    1767 days ago
    Inspirational! emoticon
    1767 days ago
    Thanks for the info! I never knew that the omentum had a name!! This is definitely what I need to focus on-- reducing body fat, not fixating on the number on the scale. A flat belly is my dream, and now that I know the omentum's name, I have its number ;)

    Thanks again for a very informative post.

    1767 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Very good information about the Omentum and the Liver. It does give you Hope that Internal Changes/Healing is occurring even when you see little external evidence.
    1767 days ago
  • _JULEE_
    1767 days ago
    Great summary of a very important topic. I use a body fat percentage tracker on Spark, but know that not everyone has access to having that measured regularly. Looking in the mirror is much more helpful than scales will ever be.
    Keep up the blogging. emoticon
    1767 days ago
    Thank you for the information on omentum. Sounds much better than all the other words used to describe that area.
    1768 days ago
    Interesting and informative blog Ramona, just goes to show it pays to take proper care of yourself

    Love to you and the divine Miss O emoticon
    1768 days ago
  • BERRY4
    As always, good research and food FOR THOUGHT! Thanks for adding the information.
    IMHO, the body changes you are experiencing may be good evidence of HEALING from the INSIDE OUT!
    1768 days ago
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