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Pros and Cons of Chair Workouts

Monday, June 17, 2013

Although I have been alternating between feeling sorry for myself and "going to the mat" (finally forced to get down on the floor to exercise) I still needed to find a way to get some cardio in, so I chose SP's Seated Cardio Workout to begin with. I mean, it's SP, right? I can't really say that I felt a good cardio burn with it, but I could have modified it or repeated it, so it's on me that I didn't feel the cardio. What I DID feel was my glutes and lower back, especially, screaming at me. Not the kind of pain that tells you that you need to stop immediately, but the kind that tells you that you probably should have tried doing seated cardio a long time ago, since it is obviously working an area that has been neglected. Oh, so that was both the pro and the con...the con was not such a great cardio effect, the pro was I learned a new way to work a different area of my body (who knew there were so MANY?).

I could move on to the FitnessBlender "Workout at Work - Low Impact Total Body Chair Workout Routine", but I think I'll wait until I haven't already attempted another seated cardio workout; I've seen this one and it looks pretty intense for me! Instead of trying to do more cardio this morning I think I'll just move right into some yoga.

Yoga is something I've been trying to incorporate into my regime for years, but never really tried hard enough to really DO it much. I took a yoga class in the '70s, but that was the last time I was really serious about it. As I have struggled to find my fitness zone (or whatever), I realized it would be very beneficial to add yoga to the mix and bought a few yoga videotapes and DVDs and even a "starter kit" (mat, blocks, and bag). I did try, and never doubted for a minute that I really needed to do it, but I just couldn't get enthusiastic about it. Yoga is very slow and controlled....nice....peaceful
...relaxing...all the while its doing its stretching and flexing thing. In other words, yoga is exactly what I'm not...which is why it is exactly what I need. But it frustrates me, all that slow control when I'm looking for a fast hot burn (and yes, I know about hot yoga, but it's still yoga and the room is hot - not something I'm EVER interested in). Sadly, it's become abundantly clear that the frantic method that defines me is the thing that is likely responsible for most of my injuries (drat!).

So it has FINALLY sunk in that I need to slow down and be more mindful about the way I move. My balance is and always has been very poor (I hear yoga's good for that), which was my primary reason for the interest in yoga in the first place. But I was always afraid I was "wasting" time that could be spent on a rapid paced calorie crunching cardio workout while I was attempting yoga poses. However, I have been experiencing the ADHD-friendly world of fusion as of late, and it was in that land of cardio/toning/yoga/Pilates workouts that I came to understand that those slow, controlled movements can give you one helluva workout! Maybe I'm just discovering this because I'm finding so many of my workout videos on YouTube, so I'm getting a better mix; or maybe it just feels like a wicked workout now because I'm so much more out of shape than I ever was before, but I am finally ready to make peace with the idea of yoga, at least...still not quite ready to add Pilates to the mix.

I have all kinds of excuses for not doing yoga, Pilates, or ANY floor exercises at all. My cats always have to be directly under or on top of me if I'm on the floor - but I can put them in another room if I don't want to deal with them. They have chewed my mat up so much that it's tearing apart - but I'm not even going to talk about that, it so dumb. They also chewed and otherwise destroyed the blocks - I ordered replacements. I don't think I ever did have a yoga strap - but I have belts and towels. I guess all those excuses don't even work for ME any more, so I'll just have to decide whether I want to try to do my cat stretches with the cats or without them, and just get busy.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

The ankle is still quite swollen and painful, but I guess that's just how it goes with a sprained ankle. Lucky for me that I learned all about ankle PT when I broke the other one a few years ago! emoticon
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    LOL @ "maybe grow some grass for the cats" JLITT62! I actually enjoy getting on the mat with the cats, but then have to move them along if I want to get serious for any length of time.

    Somehow I was sure you loved yoga. I have amassed about a dozen Yoga videos over the years, including power yoga, "basic yoga", "yoga for fat burn", and more. While I have to admit I always felt better for practicing them, I think that at some point I decided to just use them for stretching after "real" workouts, totally losing sight of all the advantages of practicing yoga for itself. I have practiced a couple videos I found on YouTube, as well as some from SP. For now, the biggest challenge is finding one that doesn't put any undue stress on my ankle. I know enough yoga poses that I have been just trying to go through some of them myself, but I really like working with the videos so that I stay focused better.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment, I appreciate the tips!
    1770 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I LOVE yoga. Maybe you need to check out power yoga - there are a lot of different kinds of yoga! Or invest in some 10 min yoga DVDs - I like to do 10 min first thing when I get up.

    It will help with balance & flexibility, too.

    Good luck!

    And maybe grow some grass forthe cats.
    1771 days ago
    It's encouraging to see you keep trying. Thanks for passing on your positive spirit.

    emoticon together!
    1773 days ago
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