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Accountability Skewed at the Doctor's Office

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Monday, June 17, 2013

What was that? You want me to eat more vegetables?
But I don't like vegetables!! I DO eat a baked potato with sour cream every day. Or french fries. Or tater tots . . .

But I don't wanna walk outside. It's too hot and humid!
But I LOVE these donuts!!!
But I don't have time for anything but drive-thru
But my car just drives itself up to the donut shop
But I love my cheese
But I don't know what is healthy food anymore.
But I don't know who to listen to.
Isn't red wine a health food?
But my steak will have no taste without salt
What?? Stop eating animal products?

What was that? Stop eating transfats? You mean in processed foods and the Drive Thru? But what will I do without my Sunday morning drive thru biscuit sandwich and Orange Juice? See? Vitamin C!!

But my feet hurt so badly, I can hardly walk. You want me to start going to the gym? I've never set foot in a gym in my life. Do they have valet parking?

But you mean you want me to eat fruit every day? What about all that sugar? Doesn't fruit turn to sugar?

What was that? Charcoal grilling can be harmful? But how will I cook my steak? Oh, you want me to stop eating red meat every day?

Did I hear that right? No white bread, NO salt, NO sugar? Really??

You want me to start cholesterol meds? My mom's friends' muscles in their arms and legs stopped working when they took that. Will they fix the problem?

Probably not. Only you can fix the problem.

You want me to wear those ugly compression stockings? I can hardly get them on!! Will these fix the problem?

No. Only you can fix it.

You want me to take high blood pressure medicine. Hmmm will that medicine fix my high blood pressure?

No. Only you can fix it.

You want me to start taking glyburide and metformin to manage my blood sugar? Will that fix the problem?

No. You will have to take this medicine forever if you aren't going to manage your diet.

You want me to come every week for maintenance chemotherapy to keep the cancer from coming back? Will this guarantee it won't?

No. But you could do some things like eating some berries and leafy greens-all those things with antioxidants, and get physically active, and lose some weight to ensure it doesn't come back.

BTW, those things will also help you lower your cholesterol, blood sugar, lose more weight, make moving easier, and perhaps be able to quit wearing those compression stockings, be able to wear some stylish clothes, walk along the beach without huffing and puffing, and help you sneer at dementia as you get older. When you are ready to be accountable for your health, come back and see me. I have a couple of top-notch programs that I think will really help you with that decision.

But you have already convinced me. Out of all my don't likes, I DON'T like taking meds or being sick the most. I DO want to be healthy. . . and I DO like to wear stylish clothes. So how do I learn what to do?

Here's my favorite on-line community: SparkPeople, and it's free. They have pages and pages of resources, and great trackers for your fitness and nutrition. And check out their videos that show you how to do just about anything on your fitness journey. And join a couple of teams for motivation and support!!

Here's my favorite plan to help you learn about healthy eating:

It's free to register, and you can download the book for free right onto your computer or Kindle. Of course you can buy the printed book, if you'd rather. For this plan, you start adding in foods to what you already eat, and learn a lot about nutrition in the process.

And when you're ready to tackle the cancer beasties, there's a team at SparkPeople who is eating to starve cancer cells and fat cells:

On their team page you will find a video to watch and a link to a full food list. Plus they are sharing a lot of ideas for smoothies, and salads, and other tasty ways to combine the foods on that list.

And if you really get serious about turning around your heart disease and diabetes, take on the challenge of following Dr. Fuhrmans's 3 Steps to Incredible Health. His plan now has 10 exercises that help you ease in to this whole new lifestyle. It will help you really get acquainted with fruits and vegetables and the true taste of food, and the feel of true health.

Here's a link to one of his talks about the program:

There's even a team on SparkPeople where members help each other follow his plan. It is called Eat to Live.

(I'm sorry, I can't get the team page link to work. Hopefully you can find it by searching in Spark Teams)

Figure out what healthy eating and physical fitness means and take action. You will be surprised at what you are able to fix. I'll see you in two months to check your bloodwork and see if we need to change your prescriptions.
I hope you keep a journal of what you do, and how you change!!
Could I take a picture of you on this first day of the rest of your life?

We might need to change your program sooner. So be sure to call me if your sugar or blood pressure goes down a lot before then.

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