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Oh, Aren't You Sweet !

Monday, June 17, 2013

While I eat my breakfast and wait for it to settle before I hop on the TM I thought I would do a little blog about sugar.

My lesson today in Spark Coach had to do with sugar. I would tell you that I definitely have a "sweet tooth". I love my deserts ! Since getting serious here on SP I have tried to abstain from deserts and would be hard pressed to tell you when the last time was that I had one. Of coarse, I should mention, that this statement does not include the candy dish full of Ghirardelli Chocolates that I have on my kitchen counter for that "just in case" situation. Plus they are the dark chocolate (variety package) ranging in 60 - 86% cacao, so all is good. Right?! One thing I have noticed over time I have noticed that my desire for desert has significantly decreased for some reason. I seem to be able to say "No thanks. I am too full to eat any more". Go figure ! I would never imagined a day that I would turn down desert no matter how full I was. The other thing I have noticed is when I eat too many non-essential carbs (which usually comes in the form of grazing on crackers or tortilla chips emoticon ) I end up feeling that "sugar rush" which I have come to recognize makes me feel yucky.

I would never tell you I have given much thought to sugar. Most of us are very focused on our calorie intake and staying within. There is a great deal to be learned about nutrition and the many different aspects of it. It can all be very overwhelming. For me I can only focus on so much at any given time and so I have not delved into the macro, let alone the micro, nutrients of my eating. But today I thought I would check a few things out. Spark Coach offered some articles for further reading. The first one I read had to do with "natural" sugars. Many of them were molasses based which has a very distinct flavor and I can't imagine using it in anything other then cookies/deserts. One called Sucanat I became a bit familiar with years ago when my DD and I spent a w/e at a Bed & Breakfast with a healthy eating and yoga focus. I was so excited about the thought of eating a sugar that was good for you! When I got home I ran to the health food store and bought a bag and then realized I didn't have a clue how to use the stuff. It sat in my cupboard for years hoping it would all come to me through osmosis (which it never did) and I finally through it out. Another is Turbinado or "Sugar In The Raw" which we see at some restaurants. I think it is the word "Raw" that appeals to me. Does that equate to organic, natural, good for you ?! Maybe some of you have heard of Agave Nectar. They talk about it on the Food Channel and, after all, if those chefs use it, it must be good! The other article was about "artificial" sweeteners. The oldie, but goodie, Sweet 'N Low of Saccarin, or Equal of Aspartane which got a bad rep for a while so I stopped using it. In my cupboard I have some packets of Splenda from Sucralose. It was suppose to have less of that artificial aftertaste. I have a WW recipe that calls for it so I am using those packets up no matter how old they are. Always looking for that "artificial sweetener" that is suppose to be better for you, Truvia of Stevia seems to be the latest buzz work. Well, all in all, just let me say that I'm not so sure any of it is good for us, but these articles did make for some very interesting reading.

I know this is getting long, but your going to like this last part:

So how much sugar should I eat and how much do I eat? I wondered this morning. The articles mention 7%, or approx. 6 teaspoons, or about 100 calories. Have you looked at the Nutrition Labels on your food lately? The word is GRAMS. Yes, that's right, the nutrition info is listed in "grams", not % or teaspoons or calories.

So get this: 1 tsp = 16 cal = 4 grams. 7% of my calorie range (1490 - 1840) = 104.3 - 128.8 calories and this = 26-28 grams (that's 1490 x 0.07 :/ 4).

This morning I ate 1 serving. of Kix Cereal (good fiber count) with 1 medium banana and 1 c of 1/2% milk. This came to 30.5 grams of sugar.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Enjoyed your blog. Thanks! This sugar sure adds up quickly. I found that my breakfast/meal replacements bars have 2-3 tsp of sugar in them. Yikes! I, too, have been successful in reducing my artificial sweeteners, but it doesn't last long. Already, I'm back to adding more Splenda than I care to admit in my oatmeal. Still trying!
    1800 days ago
  • ANNIE1114
    I have found that eating sweet foods just makes me crave more sweets. So, I am trying to avoid processed sugars where possible. Last night, I wanted something sweet so I got some frozen peaches out of the freezer which satisfied my urge for sugar.
    1801 days ago
    Not only is all the information overwhelming.. but there is "good science" to back so many contradicting messages... grains are healthy vs grains are not healthy.. fat is bad vs good fats are good.. LOL.. on and on... I've finally decided that I am the final "decidinator" on what's good and bad for my body based on how it makes me feel.. AND what science I can find to back it up (I admit, I'm a nerd).. one example is that I don't seem to have an issue with artificial sweeteners.. there's a bit of pseudo-science out there that says your body responds to them the same as it does to real sugar (raising blood sugar, etc.).. which, after my own little experimentation I have found to be HOGWASH.. LOL.. doesn't bother me in the least.. no spikes in blood sugar.. ha!

    So, I still say everyone's body is a bit different.. processes all those macros differently.. what is an energy generator for someone else (i.e. bagels and pasta) will spike my blood sugar and leave me in a pile of sluggishness.. it's just the way it is... I've accepted it and eat accordingly..

    Take it in a bit at a time.. and TEST what the articles say against how you feel.. make yourself an experiment of one!

    1802 days ago
  • 2BEHEALTHY2014
    I have a sweet tooth also. I should try giving up sugar for a day and see what happens.
    1802 days ago
    Ah the ghiradelli dark chocolates are my FAVORITE!

    The sweet tooth challenge on SP really helped me out. I have not overdid it on sweets since. I don't skip desserts and sweets by any means but I can stop after a small portion. My stomach starts barking at me right away when I start to overdo it.

    I hope you have a great day!
    1802 days ago
    An added benefit of dark chocolate according to Yesterday's "Parade" magazine, is that it acts as sort of an internal sunscreen, protecting you from harmful UV rays. Who Knew?

    Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life.
    emoticon So far!
    1802 days ago
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