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Been A Minute Part I

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Well, I've been on a bit of a hiatus this weekend as far as logging in, blogging and tracking on SP. (I know, "Bad girl, Alecia!"). I was in Houston visiting the bf from Thursday until today, &, as in most long distance relationships, we had to make the most of our short time together, so we were pretty busy. Nonetheless, I think I did a pretty good job making good decisions with what i ate and was also able to get in some activity.

Thursday was a pretty chill day & the last time I logged in on SP. I procrastinated in packing (as I do most times), & so was up all Wednesday night/morning packing & twisting my hair. I was also intending to get in an early morning run, so that wouldn't be on the agenda when I arrived in Houston, but I ran out of time. I left around 5:30 and got to the airport around 6 for my 7am flight. I was set to arrive in Houston around 10 with a connect in Dallas, but the connect was delayed and we didn't even begin boarding until after 9:30.

After the bf picked me up from the airport around 11, we went to grab something to eat. emoticon I was STARVING b/c: 1. I refuse to eat airport food, & 2. I hadn't packed any snacks b/c I wasn't anticipating the delay. We went to this place called Ruggles (cute little spot) & I got the spicy chicken tacos. They were really good, but not all that spicy (for a Louisiana girl, that is). They came with 4 small corn tortillas, but I only ate one tortilla and ate the rest of the taco filling with a fork. We also split some hummus with pita wedges.

After lunch we headed to the grocery store to shop for a food challenge he had thought up. Basically it was going to be like an episode of "Chopped" we each had a budget of $20 with which we were to spend 10 minutes picking 5 items from which the other person was to make a meal.
My 5 items for him to prepare were: Boneless skinless chicken breasts, watercress, acorn squash, fresh mozzarella, and some indian dough that was to be deep fried. My bf's items for me to prepare were: lamb chops, a kiwi fruit, portabello mushrooms, coffee beans, and an artichoke.

He prepared his meal later on that day & I prepared mine today for lunch. I suppose I'll go ahead and tell you what each of us made. He prepared an acorn squash puree with almond milk, thinned chicken breast lightly floured and pan fried and a cheese & watercress dip with the dough sprayed with oil and broiled, instead of deep fried. He wasn't very pleased with the outcome, but he's a perfectionist. The meal was great, & he did an awesome job on the fly!

My meal was a coffee crusted lamb chop with kiwi chutney, "mocha java" mushrooms and steamed artichoke (I ran out of creativity when it came to the artichoke, lol). I had to grind the coffee in his food processor first. Half of the coffee was mixed with brown sugar and seasoned salt to make the "crust" for the lamb. The other half was "brewed" through a sieve with microwaved hot water, lol, I ran it through twice to make it stronger. The brewed coffee was used to cook the mushrooms and also to make a coffee praline sauce for garnish. The kiwi was peeled and chopped (I saved 2 slices and 4 strips of the skin to make kiwi butterflies with coffee bean heads for garnish). A bit of sugar, nutmeg, & peach balsamic vinegar was used in the kiwi chutney. The artichoke was simply steamed and halved, but at the last minute I sprinkled it with salt & pepper then browned the cut side a bit in a pan of heated olive oil. It came out pretty good. I really liked the chutney and the lamb had a really good flavor with the coffee crust adding a deep smokey quality.

Friday, after a bit of geocaching and a lunch of fish soup with a side of rice & peas from a Jamaican spot, I completed my first Crossfit WOD!
My bf's a coach & he's been trying to get me to "drink the crossfit koolaid" for the longest, lol. It wasn't so bad. It was a quick workout. The warm up was a 400 meter run, 15 10# ball slams, 25 russian twists, and 20 10# ball situps. The WOD was a "one & done" round of Tabata (20 sec work/10 sec rest) for 8 minutes total per station of 1. sledge hammer swings, 2. 25 meter sprints, 3. ring dips, and parallel bar straight leg plyo holds.

The parallel bar was the worst station for my followed by the ring dips. The sledge hammer swings were quite fun & I got into a rhythm of alternating the hammer from arm to arm. The sprints were, well...sprints.

After that workout, he still had one more class to coach, so I took that time to get my one mile in, running around the complex. Let me just tell you this, you DO NOT want to be running on a concrete parking lot in the middle of a HOTT summer day in Houston. I was melting like the wicked witch of the west! Luckily, I had made a blueberry smoothie with tropical vanilla protein powder and almond milk & stuck it in the gym freezer before the workout.
After leaving the gym we got cleaned up to go see flashdance the musical. The show was SO AWESOME!I'm a big fan of live performances and it was just amazing to see everything come together from the set changes, to the music (the director was in the pit GETTING DOWN!!! It was GREAT!). The cast was extrememely talented and all of the behind the scenes talent made for a very entertaining and (seemingly) effortlessly seamless production.

You're probably tired of reading now, (& I'm about to crash because I haven't slept since returning to OK) so I'll conclude this as part one and continue recounting my weekend in a future blog.
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