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DEATH by ball slams! (update blog)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last blog. We had our beach vacation which was amazing. Gorgeous weather and I got a fabulous tan. I wasn't as thin as I wanted, but it was all good.

I seem to be maintaining around 140 lbs. I'd like to be closer to 130 and am fighting to get back there, but it is hard. I know you guys understand. I look at my pics when I was 130 and I loved how I looked! Wow, being just mere 10 lbs heavier sure makes a difference. I seem to carry every last extra ounce in my belly. Ugh...... I just go back and forth from the self talk of:

"you are almost 40 yrs old, you are a size 8, 140 lbs, you don't need to be any thinner, your clothes fit fine, you aren't out to impress anybody, you are a healthy weight, you workout 5-6 days a week, go on and eat some carbs and junk- you deserve it"

OR, it's:

"when you eat the carbs and junk, you feel bloated and yucky, look at how great you feel and look when you are eating healthy, remember how fabulous the workouts feel when you have the proper nutrition, remember how firm and tight your stomach feels, when you weigh less think about how easier the workouts get like with running and pullups, etc.... Look at how confident and proud you feel when you are doing everything you know is right"

It's a battle!

I am recovering from carpal tunnel surgery pretty well. I was back at CrossFit the next week. The first week after surgery I had to do completely different workouts, but after I got my stitches out (2 wks after surgery) I was back with the class. Anything having to pull my wrist back and place my body weight on it hurts like the dickens. Like pushups.... eeek! But they have handles there that I have been using, so I can just grip onto them and do my pushups.... but on my knees.

OK, something WAY awesome happened at CrossFit yesterday that I just had to share because I am still flying high on it. I went to the last class of the day. We did a workout called "Death by ball slams". At the start of the minute, you do 2 burpees, then on minute 1, you do 1 ball slam (I used a 20# ball, which was the prescribed weight for women) and then you rest until the start of the next minute. On minute 2, you do 2 burpees, and 2 ball slams.... and so on and so on for 20 minutes---- so like on minute 15 you do 2 burpees, and 15 ball slams. Make sense?

So my 16 yr old son did the class before me and the trainer told me he did 16 rounds. So that was my goal! BEAT my son! There were only 4 of us there, 2 guys and me and another lady. (The guys had to do 40# balls!). The guys dropped out around round 10-11.... The other lady dropped out at around round 13, but I kept going! I made it through round 16 and 17 and 18! When I finished round 18 the trainer said if I completed round 19 I will have tied for the record for the day.... I finished it! I had about 10 seconds of rest before starting round 20... He told me anything I did in round 20 was the record!!!! I had a huge burst of adrenaline!!!! I finished round 20 just a hair over the buzzer, but he counted it because it was only like a second. I was so dizzy and my arms felt like noodles. I pushed myself so hard and it felt amazing!

My trainer was so impressed! It was so awesome having everybody there cheering me on. My trainer said out of 45 "athletes" (WHAT? ME? an ATHLETE????) I did better than all of them (including him!). He told me it was really a "big deal" and even let me have a recovery drink "on the house". It was a super huge boost of confidence for me.... Have I told you lately how much I love CrossFit???? It's all I think about..... It's all I want to do!

Hope everybody else is doing well.... I am off to read some of your blogs for encouragement.... Have a great week, SparkFriends!
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