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Just Because I Can't Do It Today...

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Have I ever mentioned that I love to workout? Because I do, I really DO love to workout! It amazes me to be able to say that. It was just a little over a year ago that I was a sedentary, out of shape couch potato! I belonged to a women's gym, but I would actually only go there about twice a week...and even when I was there, I can't really say that I worked out. Mostly, I just meandered around the circuit, not putting forth any effort on the machines...and then I'd give up after just one time around the circuit! (Then on my way home, I'd stop off for something to eat to "reward" myself for working out!)

Quitting that gym last year was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. There was nothing WRONG with that gym, but it was no longer right for me. I was bored with it and needed something new. Working out at home has been just what I needed! I've lost 71 lbs since I started working out at home, and I've gained strength, flexibility, stamina and self esteem.

I've discovered that I can do almost any workout that I want to do. Of course, there are workouts that I struggle with, and there are times when I have to make modifications. But I have learned that if I stick with it and struggle through it, I get stronger and more capable. One of my favorite quotes is;

I remind myself of that quote everytime I struggle to get through a workout or to do a certain move. I am never ashamed of having to modify a move down to an easier level. No one starts out as an expert, after all. But I know if I keep trying, I will get better and better.

My workout for the past 6 weeks has been a cardio workout using the stability ball, and I've really enjoyed it. When I first started that workout, I could only get about halfway through before I'd have to pause and rest before finishing it. But now I can finish it easily, so I know its time to move on to something more challenging. So this is the workout I'm going to start on tomorrow (Monday);


I'm looking forward to it! I will have to modify the high impact portions, but I think I can do the rest of it without having to make adjustments. Of course, it will be a demanding workout, and I will struggle. But I will just keep doing my best and I will get through it.

If you're doing a workout that has gotten easy and no longer challenges you, then its time to bump up the intensity. Don't be afraid to push yourself to new heights! You really are worth your best effort!

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