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Don't Get Ahead of Yourself Now

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Over the last couple of weeks, I finally got around to watching the final season of The Closer. Since it was the final season of the show, I decided to invest an extra hour in watching the final cast roundtable. In it they discussed a lot of things, one of which was whether or not they thought the show would be a success when they shot the first episode. Kyra Sedgwick answered the question in an interesting way:

"The temptation is to look at the top of the mountain, but you can't do that. You have to look at the ground and go step by step."

That really struck me.

I'm a goal setter. I think goals are really important. You have to have an idea of where you're headed.

But I do think that there is a temptation to look only at that end point and get overwhelmed, particularly if you have a very big weight loss goal. When I weighed 300 pounds, the possibility of getting to 200 pounds seemed insurmountable. I'd sit there with my head turned up to the sky and end up with nothing but a cramp in my neck!

Sometimes a focus solely on the end point allows you to miss the small, but important intermediate steps. Continuing the mountain analogy, if you only look up at the peak while trying to cross the rocky terrain, you're likely to trip over the stones and holes in your immediate path.

I think that is what I'm learning right now. I shared a couple of posts ago, that when I did some calculations, my weight gain over the past year breaks down into small sins. It wasn't like I was running to the drive-thru, or main-lining soda every day. The difference breaks down to less than 100 calories a day.

The whipped cream on a frappacino...

The 10 wheat thins I grab mid-afternoon at work...

Skipping my walk during my morning or afternoon breaks at work...

Those are the stones in my path, and those are what I need to pay attention to in order to improve my health.

I don't need to make dramatic changes. I just need to pay attention.

Down .8 lbs last week...
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