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Gone Muddin' (or "One Day Closer to Healing")

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I've talked about mudding just past our driveway, that it was so much fun, rippin' thru the big puddles and screaming my head off. And that I wouldn't be doing it anytime soon because I wouldn't drive the truck through that kind of water.

I had mentioned it to My Gal a while back, and about a month ago, we went out for a rip out the logging trails, so she could get used to the road, but we had to stop at the first large puddle we saw, because she was unsure of the depth, and I didn't know either.

So this morning, so that I wouldn't think too much about My Guy and the stuff we did on Father's Day (for him, mostly, since the kids didn't spend time or do more than a quick call), she fired up the truck, stashed the rubber boots in the back seat, and off we went. We only had an hour, because she had to leave for work soon. Everything's ready to go, truck fired up, and we're off.

Muddin' down the Hurlett. :-D

The first big puddle that worried her last time turned out to be the one that looks scary, almost like an omen of what's to come, except it wasn't deep at all. Rubber boots and she waded out there to check out the bottom, it's nice & rocky, not sandy, so we should be ok.

She gets us moving, not very quickly, but with enough 4x4 pull that we make it through without incident at all.


Ok, that's the first one.... now we only have 17 more to go, and there are at least 2 that we need to be a little worried about, but we should get through.

Cell-phones charged, check!
Neighbour's number in the phone, check!

Ok, My Gal, gun it.

I haven't giggled like that since last summer. I even got to scream twice, as the puddle split open when we drove through it. I was so pumped up that I could have pushed the truck out of the puddle if we had gotten stuck, the adrenaline rush was that great. And fun!!

The 2 puddles I thought might be a concern were, as she put it, interesting. :-D All I could do to help was holler at the truck: "Go, baby, go baby GO GO GO!" *snicker* We got through them, though, both in and out of the road. We even made it to the Sugar Shack.

I was so excited and having so much fun that I just wanted to burst. Instead, I let out a whoop and did a quick jig at the Sugar Shack. :-D

I really am happy that My Gal has enough driving skills and desire to check out the wilderness to get us both out there, if only for 45 minutes today.

A couple months ago, one of the neighbours came over to ask about me selling the Pathfinder. I told him no, I would get it running this spring. He grunted that I would only let it rust and rot, and it would ruin a perfectly good truck. I stood fast, told him I was not selling the truck.

Today, when we were on our way back home, I saw the neighbour riding his 4-wheeler, and thought how perfect this morning was turning out to be. I nudged My Gal, and she honked the snot out of the horn as we drove by him, and I waved and waved and stuck my tongue out and waved some more. Talk about your sprinkles on top!

And to think, today is just another day.

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