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Peaks & Valleys Of A Weight Loss Journey...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I don't know about all of you, but my weight loss journey has not been one straight line of successes. I am almost at 15 months into this journey, and there have been many successes such as:

emoticon Losing 65 pounds! emoticon
emoticon Being able to walk 3 miles a day with my dog! emoticon
emoticon Having more energy and getting better sleep! emoticon
emoticon Making tons of awesome Spark Friends! emoticon
emoticon Not giving up in the face of the dreaded plateaus, 3 of them to be exact, and one of those I hit twice! emoticon
emoticon Still being here 15 months later (after coming and going over the years) and never giving up! emoticon

But it hasn't always been emoticon's and emoticon's. Some less-than-successful-moments include:

emoticon: Being on a terrible plateau and not losing ANY weight for almost 4 months. emoticon
emoticon: Getting frustrated and slacking off for 6 weeks which resulted in regaining 10 pounds. emoticon
emoticon: Feeling defeated because the scale wouldn't budge no matter what. emoticon
emoticon: Days where I have eaten everything in sight, upwards of 3000 calories. emoticon
emoticon: Days where I have not gotten off the couch. emoticon

The #1 question I get asked is how do you stay motivated? And the truth of the mater is that I am not ALWAYS motivated. It comes and it goes. It's all about the lifestyle, and forming healthy habits. For example I do the following AUTOMATICALLY without any thought:

emoticon Weigh and track all my food, ALWAYS. emoticon
emoticon Track my water. emoticon
emoticon Get in some form of exercise everyday (mainly walking for me, with Sparky or alone) emoticon
emoticon Log into Spark People every day. emoticon

I don't think about if I SHOULD track my food, or if I SHOULD exercise, I just do it. And if you do something long enough, you will get to the "sweet spot" where you are no longer thinking about what you should do, because you are just doing it. Keep your eye on the emoticon, and just remember it's all about this:

Time flies whether we realize it or not. That quote that "A year from now, you will wish you started today" is SO true and something to keep in mind. My 15 month journey has been about my consistent efforts not to give up. I was probably doing well 10 out of those 15 months, but in the end what you do MOST of the time is what wins. emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Way to go. Keep up the good work!
    1758 days ago
    This blog could have been written by me. This is so very true. I am now at the point in my journey (13 months in) that my motivation changes throughout the day! I could have the best of intentions and one thing could sway the pendulum the other way. On the flip side, one scary thought of being back in my old body will have me off of my ass faster than if someone yelled "FIRE!!!" I thought my upcoming wedding would be motivation enough for me to kick it into high gear but it isn't. Sometimes you just get tired on this journey. But I will suffer through that and continue to push myself if it means I don't have to be as sad and unfulfilled as I was before.
    1762 days ago
    I loved this blog. I could relate to everything you said. You are amazing.
    1764 days ago
    1764 days ago
    One things is for dang sure. You are a fighter! I like thinking about it this way, No matter what, the time will pass.. Do I want to be where I am at now in a year? Or do I want to see progress in that year? If I want to see progress.. I need to put in the work (tracking food, cutting back portions, exercising). If not, well.. I guess I don't need to put in the work? I don't really think about not wanting progress because I want to see that goal weight on the scale someday.. and sooner rather than later! PS.. I think that last picture is my favorite. Most times we try to be PERFECT 100% of the time when it isn't really realistic. It's kinda like we are all on a twisting, winding roller coaster (one that goes upside down and up and down HIGH hills.) Those upside down twists are our obstacles! One of these days our rollercoaster of weight loss will come to an end.. and then it will just be maintaining! I am terrified of the maintenance period!
    1764 days ago
    yay love this! This is so great and it's blogs like this that give me hope that i can do it too!
    1766 days ago
    Well all I can say is that you have laid it all out very well. Although there have been moments of emoticon & emoticon you keep pushing like a trooper! Oh and you didn't say that there is a pain in your back side (me) that won't let you quit!!!!

    1766 days ago
    You are such an inspiration! I hope to keep my spark going strong for as long as you have. emoticon emoticon
    1767 days ago
    Awesome Blog Stephanie. You have just described my last 15 months with the highs and lows. For realsies this time, the life style is going to stick. You are learning this so much younger than I did. emoticon
    1767 days ago
    Love your blog
    1768 days ago
  • ANY010113
    1768 days ago
    emoticon emoticon you are so inspiring Steph!!!
    1768 days ago
    You are my hero. So real, so honest and such an inspiration. Thanks for checking on me...things are still going really well!
    1768 days ago
    this was really great. Losing 65 to me = success. I wish it was me. I lost 15 and gained back 10 and I am faithful to Spark. But I'm still here trying - not given up yet.
    1768 days ago
    Well said!
    1768 days ago
    Great blog and great journey!! Its HARD TO BEAT SOMEONE WHO NEVER GIVES UP!!! So congratulations for not throwing in the towel - this journey isn't easy but its SO worth it!! You ROCK!! emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Great enthusiasm and weight loss stats. It is indeed a journey.
    emoticon emoticon
    1768 days ago
    First, I love the sunflowers in your background.

    It is so easy to start something with great desire to see it through and GIVE UP. Your journeling reveals that you may have low points, but you continue to head towards your goal. Good for you skinny face girl!!!!!! (Doesn't it make you feel so good when people say things like that to you? The magic of the power of words, rather for good or bad.)

    Have a good week. I started off strong last week, but ended up poorly.
    1768 days ago
  • COOKIE_AT_51
    Love your enthusiasm ... I feel so much of the same but need to get to the exercise point emoticon
    Keep sparking my emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Thanks for the comment on my Sparkpage!
    "A year from now, you will wish you started today" I have never heard of that quote and it's very very motivational! Thank you for sharing!

    You are doing an amazing job!!!

    PS. How is your friend from work? Does she continue the diet?
    1768 days ago
    Keep it up Steph! You're doing great and have a very realistic mindset about weight loss...good indications that it will stick! :)
    1768 days ago
  • EOWYN2424
    Keep on pushing! You can do this!
    1768 days ago
    Yep Steph! This is for realsies as you would say. Lol.! I mean this is the reality of a lifestyle change journey. It is just that, a journey and it has peaks and valleys. And you're doing it girl! I tell you all the time you're def one of my heroes on here. 65lbs? What? Yeah that's how it's done!
    1768 days ago
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