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Warrior Dash 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What started out an overcast and storm-threatening day turned out to be AWESOME!

This was the second year I've done this with my kids. The last time was two years ago. At that time, I was working out but nowhere near as intense as I have for the past eight or nine months. I also was not running 5Ks at that time, I was lucky to run two blocks then. I thought the Warrior Dash would just be something fun to try. It turned out to be my AHAH moment to get stronger.

I hesitated doing it this year because I REALLY HATE the mud pit you have to crawl through at the end but the rest of it... YEAH BABY! What a rush. My friend's teenage son really wanted to try it with me so I signed up again.

The forecast called for scattered thunderstorms just about the time we were scheduled to run. As I drank my morning coffee I thought, "I just want to stay home and watch movies." But I didn't want to disappoint the kids.

On the way there, it misted then misted a little harder as we checked in. Just before we started running, the sun came out and smidge of humidity!

The course was AWESOME, walking up muddy 2X4s over a wall, down another 2X4, walked across a 2X4 over water to get to a wall to climb over, pulling myself up steep muddy hills with ropes, climbing up walls of rope covered in mud and I ran more than I did last time. It's intense and scary (for me, I'm slightly afraid of heights, some of the walls are a smidge high) but what a rush when I finish and I can say OH YES I DID! I DID THAT!

Everybody is so nice during the race. One woman behind me fell trying to get over the wall I had just climbed over. A bunch of people helped her up and over, then I held my hands out for her to put her foot in on the next wall to give her a boost. What was I thinking?? I thought I was going to lose her so I put my arm and shoulder into the back of her leg to keep us both from going backward. We high-fived several times throughout the race.

The steep, slippery, muddy hill was difficult for me. I pulled myself up by the ropes, slipping and sliding. I was almost at the top and kept slipping back, didn't think I was going to get there but there was nowhere else to go. Two guys at the top of the hill kept talking to me... "you've got this", "dig your heels in and pull", "you're almost there". It was a great feeling to hit the top of that hill.

I was happy to see the mud pit at the end wasn't as gross as the last time. It was just dirty water this time. Still had the barbed wire just over your head so you have to stay low. The woman I had helped earlier reached the end with me. She looked at me and said "let's just get in there!" we both slid in and "swam" to the end. No, my face does not go in there. My chin just touches the top of the water so my head stays under the barbed wire.

The times haven't posted yet. I'm not all that concerned with times. This is not something to race through, well for most of us anyway. Some paths and obstacles are quite slippery and treacherous! It would be nice to beat my time from two years ago. We shall see. I'm just thankful I made it through without falling or hurting myself!

Below are some pics. The blonde boy is my best friend's son. The other two are my kids, my inspiration! We had a great day! I'm glad I signed up again. I'm totally going to sign up again next year.

I have just taken the longest shower ever and hey look at the time... BLACKHAWKS BABY YEAH!

Rock on everyone!

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