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Greek Yogurt, is it worth it?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I've had a Greek yogurt every morning for the last year and a half now, but I wonder is it worth it? Reading the labels, and perhaps some of my problem is the fact I like the flavored kinds, there are many undesirable ingredients in them.

Apparently I've been having GMO's for breakfast, I may have had a bowl of cereal with as many things in that yogurt I've been eating. Some of the plain varieties may be GMO free, but add a little flavor and you have modified corn starch and sugar, some "Greek" yogurts even have fillers to create the thickness instead of the straining process the good stuff my actually have, see locust bean gum, xanthan gum, kosher gelatin.

Say you've managed to find a product that does not have all those things in them that aren't really in the yogurt normally. Is Greek still worth it?

Greek yogurt comes out on top for your protein content, averaging 20 grams per serving as compared to 13 grams in regular yogurt. You have fewer calories and less sodium in your Greek yogurt too.

On the other hand, if you enjoy the calcium in your dairy, regular yogurt comes out on top with 450 mg while the Greek stuff has 151 mg.

Since Greek yogurt is thicker by design, you may stay fuller from it than the regular stuff.

Once again, you have to read individual labels in order to find your maximized yogurt. Apparently I've been having the one that isn't all that great, my Dannon Oikos (love the flavor!) only has 12 grams of protein. I tasted all the flavors and that was one that stood out on top for my tongue along with Fage. But now I'm rereading labels and seeing these things that may not be all that great for me on a daily basis and having to rethink my strategy.

In my area, there is only one flavor of organic yogurts and that's the Stonyfield Farm yogurts (also owned by the Dannon company, they were bought out last year). It makes for few choices when I'm also trying to cut out pesticides. I didn't care for the flavor nor the smaller packages in the organic flavors, but may have to just start looking at the big containers and dividing them up for the week to make the price worth it.

You obviously still need to read the label on regular yogurts to decide which ingredients you would like in your morning because the regular stuff still has many undesirable ingredients too. Lite or 100 calorie yogurts, either way, have artificial sugars (which I may have stated in a previous blog aren't good for you either).

So I guess for protein find a good Greek yogurt, but for your calcium intake, go with the regular stuff. Either way, you're helping to create good bacteria in your digestive tract.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Definitely worth it in my opinion. I often eat several a day, but generally go for the unflavored variety so I'm not getting unnecessary sugar or fillers. I add my homemade granola or some fruit to sweeten it up--pureed strawberries are my favorite. It's also great frozen. In fact, I'm eating some as I type this. I'd say most of my extra maintenance calories probably come from all the Greek yogurt I eat, lol!
    1772 days ago
  • CC3833
    When I was eating greek yogurt instead of buying the flavored ones (I actually thought they were too sweet), I would buy plain and cut up fresh fruit and add it. Thanks for the info.
    1772 days ago
    I like nonfat plain Greek yogurt. The kind that has an ingredients list that includes 1) milk and 2) bacteria

    If I want sugar or something else in there, I can add it on my own.

    I appreciate the nutritional profile in Greek yogurt: way more protein and much less sugar than regular yogurt. (Milk naturally has a lot of lactose in it, and that lactose sugar drains out with the liquid when they strain it.)

    1773 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/17/2013 5:29:05 PM
  • BOPPY_
    Always been a yogurt fan.

    Love Chaboni Greek. All the others fall short to me.

    If I don't have Chaboni, my other favorite is non-fat plain with a T of orange marmalade, or just plain, if I can't afford the calories.

    1774 days ago
    I drain the best regular yoghurt I can find to "Greekify" it myself. Add jam or fruit instead of buying flavored. It's my compromise between making my own and buying the finished product. I also like that I use a little less plastic packaging that way. Those little plastic cups add up!
    1774 days ago
    I tend to buy a natural, low fat, yoghurt and add fresh fruit to it. It continues to shock me what they actually put into our foods. Another reason for cooking from scratch where you can!
    1774 days ago
    I have plain non-fat Greek yogurt and add Agava or honey with either blueberries or strawberries. It is like dessert to me.
    Greek yogurt can't be beat for protein content so I think it is worth.
    Thanks for the blog!

    1774 days ago
    Good info. Thank you
    1775 days ago
    I buy the Taste of Inspirations brand in vanilla. I like it much better than Oikos. I actually never paid that much attention to the nutrition - except the calories. I mix a 1/4 cup of Grape Nuts in . . . so good, and filling.
    1775 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    We buy both kinds, regular and Greek, and only the Plain flavor which we add our fruit, nuts, etc to.
    1775 days ago
    Good info! I eat Greek yogurt daily... Chobani. Maybe I should stick to plain and add my own stuff!
    1775 days ago
    I love Greek yogurt - and always choose the plain one. With fresh fruit added, it is just right for me. The flavored ones are so sweet that I find them somewhat repugnant...
    1775 days ago
    I've tried the greek yogurt, it's horrible to me. I prefer yoplait lights if anything. At least it's smooth and tastes great. Thanks for the info. Never paid much attention before to all the protein and what not as well in the yogurts before. Will start reading labels more now though.
    1775 days ago
  • SULLYL28
    Great info
    1775 days ago
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