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An update of sorts and I might even talk about health (more for me than a blog)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Being a mother, much of my happiness hinges on how my kids are doing. A mother is only as happy as her most unhappy child, I believe is the quote. It's a bit like that at the moment.

The oldest and trying to get his some help, particularly with his medication, has been trying to say the least. There have been a lot of little things that have become major stumbling blocks. One of the agencies he went to yesterday took his birth certificate, as in they kept it for their files. He needs that same document to apply for other things. Meanwhile, I started the application process to get a patient assistance for his most expensive medication. That too hit a stumbling block. The DR needs to re-write the script and then on Monday (assuming we can get the re-written script by then), I can fax the application. Once I do that, I can get an estimate for how long it will be before we get an answer. A whole lot of waiting. He has applied for about 50 jobs in the last 3 weeks or so. Only one looks at all promising. He was told to call back on Wednesday about it.

The boy is doing okay, but we are still doing that "home for the Summer" dance. The one that we try to balance work, social life which he actually didn't have much of at school this semester (musical director for the big spring event, wrote some of the music for it, took 5 classes, and made Dean's List), is part time job, and the fact that he is home enough to leave dirty dishes and laundry everywhere, but not long enough to wash the dishes or take out the trash without being told to. But it is fine. He's a good kid, he's just a slob. ;)

The kid. Last night was neighborhood sleepover #2. This was much different than last week when I didn't sleep at all. Last night, none of the kids made it to midnight (last week all 4 did). I actually slept a total of 4 hours with limited interruptions. He's having a blast.

The weather is finally good! Our normal June rainfall is just under 4". We're past 8" so far. Warm and sunny weather today, so I'm planning on cleaning the car, vacuuming the now dry mud, etc. I'm hoping to take the kid to a playground for at least a little bit to run around. We also have Father's Day stuff to prepare for. Making green bean casserole for my dad (he requested a few years ago that he would like that rather than gifts, so I usually make a double batch. One with a ham so it counts as a meal and the rest split into single servings for the freezer.

On health. I've had a couple of days of slips or near slips. Emotionally, it's been tough. Work has been rough too. My immediate supervisor might be a really good electrician, but he is a horrible boss. He and I (in front of our boss), had a few debates this week. I won all of them and got a couple of "attagirls" out of it, but still, it was stress I really didn't need on top of the stuff at home as well as this already being the busiest 4 week time frame for me at work. We shutdown for the first week of July. I'm forced to take vacation, which is great, but my guys all work because that is when they do all the things that can only be done when there is no power (repair and maintenance department). The 3 weeks before that, are all planning, scheduling, etc for shutdown. This is on top of the usually daily work. The week after is also chaos for me because I have to record all that was done during the shutdown. This year, the finance department has told me that I need to change how we make charges. It's a huge project and I finally have an idea on how to handle it. I'm skipping up the chain of command to get my boss's boss to approve it. It will mean more work the next 2 weeks and the week after vacation, but it will be better for everyone. I will work overtime, but take it in trade for time off. The company will like that. I will too because even though it isn't over time pay, I'll get things done and not be called in for 2 days during the vacation. I already said it wasn't going to happen. We've had these reservations for 6 months. The Thursday, 2 weeks before, is not the time to say never mind.

Got off track. Health. My knee started to bug me a bit. The PT guy said to rest it for a couple of weeks, use ice, etc and then take it slowly if I want to keep trying to run. I would like to be able to run the 5K again next year and better my time, but not if it is going to do more damage in the end. It's not the running. I hate running. I like the idea of beating my time. I can't tell you how stoked I was when I ran my best time at the 5K Sunday. That was cool. But the running, not really impressed.

The days I've gone out of range or under goals, haven't been overly so. I am purposely taking a break from some of the healthy life style this weekend, but not expecting to go too far out of range. It's partly because some of the eating will go along with Father's Day and some of it is that I just need a break from life and trying to fit everything in and be good. One weekend will not kill that and I am going to be hyper focused on staying on track after the weekend.
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