Suggestions from moms to stop the grazing????

Friday, June 14, 2013

I think most moms out there would agree with me that nibbling from your kiddos plates is a very easy, and very common, thing to do. As in, "hmmmm, it would be sad to let this 50 calorie chicken nugget go to waste" and "I need a spoonful to be sure it isn't too hot." and my favorite......"someone has to lick the ice cream off of the spoon prior to putting it in the dishwasher." And if you honestly added all of that up, the calorie count is a killer. I read an article once by a WW leader who said she honestly logged those points over the course of two weeks and it added up to ALL of her extra points allowance. YIKES!!!

And, I have a weird situation in my house that makes this grazing an enormous temptation. My husband and I own a business and we tend to eat really late, sometimes I make salad or !whatever at 10 pm!!! Obviously I cannot wait that late to feed the kiddos, so I cook twice. And the first time is usually a little more fun than grilled chicken salad!!! I feed them well, but they do eat more carbs (pasta!!!!) than I do so that nibble nibble nibble habit is bad. I need to find a way to keep that too a minimum.

So, here is my plan. Weigh in if you have suggestions or tweaks that you think might make this struggle easier for me.

1. green tea - in a large, icy glass. and a lemon. I am hoping this will fix the desire to have something in my mouth and fill up the tummy with something that increases metabolism and has lots of healthy volume.

2. gum? or brush my teeth? I am buying a second toothbrush and putting it down in the main floor bathroom where my kids brush in the morning. If I brush just before they sit down, maybe it will keep that under control?

3. snack before I cook/while I cook. I am thinking that a plate of veggies or a little fruit/nut butter might be a good way to keep me busy. What about WW famous soup? A cup would be good for the body in more than one way.

Okay.................let me hear your suggestions. Surely I am not the only one out there that struggles with this!!
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  • TXTOAD9970
    My kids are older so they feed themselves. I don't snack from their plates anymore - they would yell at me! LOL

    I think you have a good plan. Especially brushing your teeth before you feed them. Maybe that will make you less likely to want to put things in your mouth.

    Good luck with your efforts to stop grazing!
    2168 days ago
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