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Friday, June 14, 2013

This will be long...

I am healing from abdominal necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease)...it's been long and slow recovery, but I am doing so much better today then last July!

One of the things I have learned is that I want to put myself out there and do things I hid from. Such as sports. I have never liked sports, too competitive! I am a competitive person but I don't like the negativity that goes along with most sports. I am internally competitive but outwardly whatever will be will be...I am not good at sports, but I try. My level of trying may not seem like much to someone observing but I know my body and slow and steady is how I improve.

So I saw a posting on Facebook for a non-competitive fun ball team in my neighbourhood. I know I couldn't play this year but I talked my husband and my friend into joining. She has NEVER played softball EVER...but it was non competitive and fun...she was upfront with the team, they took her money...fast forward, she has tried really hard and has practised with her husband including on our camping trip! The team has asked her not to play in a tournament this weekend. For her, because they have enough women and they would just have her on the bench so it would be wasting her money. They also alluded to how she has been holding the team back from winning during regular games. So she politely asked for her money back for the tournament and for the league. Inside she feels like the ten year old all over again, the one she used to be that was picked last for anything sports related. It has been very upsetting for her.

I feel guilty because it was supposed to be fun. Our other friend weighed 230 and joined soccer. She couldn't run. She would head after the ball and by the time she got to one end of the soccer field, the ball was at the other. Did the team sit her out? No, she played every game and by the end of the season, she still wasn't better. She signed up again the next year, joined the same team (they didn't shun her) and played every game, gradually getting better. My husband always wanted to play hockey. At the age of 30 he joined his first hockey league. Got on the ice, fell down. Got up, fell down...he was awful! But he went to every game and they played him. No one said anything, they let him play...guess what? He learned to play and is really good now! So I used these to convince My friend to join. What she has been told now by these losers is that "a league is not the place to learn to play ball"...really? Where else does a 40 yr old learn a new sport? Do you think they will let us join little league?

So my point, if you are still here, is that I hate ├╝ber competitive overgrown children being mean to each other. As adults we should be able to join a non competitive team and learn to play. There are competitive leagues out there, why can't super jocks join them!?! Oh wait, I forgot, the guy who is mainly behind the whole thing isn't actually a good player. He doesn't know how to play, which is why my husband (good ball player) is just shaking his head at this whole thing! The team, overall, isn't very good! But the point was who cares!?! Go out, try your best, and have a good time!

I'm disappointed. I wanted to join. Step out of my comfort zone. But this makes me shut the barn doors and stay within the comfort and safety of what I do know and like...ZWOW style, in the comfort of my home, me against me...

I hate teams.
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  • NETSUE64
    I was on a softball team that started out great. We didn't win all the time but we had fun and cheered for every little thing people did. Then we started winning, and the more we won the more stressful it got. Then a couple team mates got hurt going after a ball at the same time and both ended up in the hospital. Then there was a fight in a restaurant against an opposing team. I didn't want to do it anymore after that. I would rather lose all the time.

    I don't blame you a bit for being disappointed and I feel bad for your friend, but it sounds like she handled it well.
    2315 days ago
    Hope you continue it heal
    2316 days ago
    Team games are not my thing either! Glad you're getting better. emoticon
    2316 days ago
    I am proud of all of them! If I could find something in my area, I would. Maybe eventually you can too.
    2317 days ago
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