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Whole30 Day 18

Thursday, June 13, 2013

well the daily blogs didnt work out did they? no big surprise there. Time just seems to get away from me. By the time the kids are in bed and i can give my attention to the computer, my husband wants it!

It's been pretty full on here because all the meal prep and just life with 2 kids. My energy was/is going through a slump which is kinda depressing. I keep trying to figure out if its normal or if there's something wrong with me.

i went to the doctor today and got blood work done. So we'll see what that says. And he said come back in two weeks. I dont know which is scarier; that there's something wrong or that it's all in my head.

so... i got weighed while i was there. You're not supposed to weigh on the whole30 so i haven't. Its been pretty difficult to resist as I'm normally an everyday-er. Especially if I'm on track. If I'm on a binge, I don't bother looking. So with this, my brain kinda doesnt know what to do. I'm following the program with no cheating but I'm eating so much more meat and fat than i normally do, it feels like it must be wrong! But it has been hard to resist because I've been driving myself a little crazy trying to figure out if I'm losing. My weight was 162. I think I feel ok about it. My lowest weight - even with juicing - was 159. So 3 lbs up from a complete liquid diet is pretty good. Plus it was after breakfast and on a full bladder. On the other hand, obviously there could be a huge variation between the dr scale and my scale. I could be 165 or 166 on my scale which would be kinda devastating. But I'm going to take it at face value and say 162 and be happy with it! So maybe I am losing a bit. But I still dont think my clothes are looser though.

I felt a bit better today with energy. I find that I'm still tired in the morning. I sleep super hard which is awesome. Before this i was tossing and turning all night and getting up to pee all the time and waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. Now I sleep like a rock till 6 am and wake up with a full bladder. But i have a hard time making myself get up. Chris gives the kids breakfast and i just keep dozing and they come in and ask me something and then i doze again - on and off for like an hour. I dont want to get up at all. I dream so vividly and i think it makes me feel tired. I have been having those dreams about cheating. It's crazy.

But today, once i was up, i was ok. I did some housework. I even busted out the hula hoop. Probably now that i actually went to the doctor, I'll be fine!

I was advised on the forums to cut back on starches and see if that helps with weight loss. I'm half heartedly trying. They're like the best part of my meals. I'm developing a serious sweet potato addiction. And plantain tostadas are pretty amazing too. If i could just get my energy levels up to work out more consistently, i could probably get away with the starches.

Cravings are still very manageable which is awesome. My best friend tried whole30 and only made it to day 5. But shes under a lot of stress with stuff she has going on at the moment. I'm not sure how I'm resisting. I think its the rigidness of the program to be honest. Which is kind of strange. It's like i know there's no cheating allowed, no exceptions. So I can stick to it. But i am kinda looking forward to when i go home and having all the food I've missed. I know I'll be sad to lose the clean feeling i have from not eating junk. I hope I'm not too daunted to get back to whole30 after our trip. I do find it to be A LOT of work as I know I've said before. But i also think its getting slightly easier as i go along and learn what works. and also the first few days suck a lot. But thats my plan right now. I'll be a lot more motivated if my scale somehow miraculously shows a 15something number when i get back on it at the end.

I guess i should worry about getting through the next 12 days first though.
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    I too have a sweet potato addiction. One evening I picked the biggest sweet potato I could find, tossed it in some coconut oil after slicing it up, tossed it with some salt and pepper, then put it in the oven. Once it was cooked I proceeded to eat the entire thing.

    Doctors scales are always weird. Pay it as little attention as possible.

    As for your friend making it to day 5, and stopping, It was her own personal choice. Every day we are faced with choices, and our lives, in the end, amount to those choices made. I think it is fantastic that you haven't given up yet. Like Melissa says in the beginning info, "you commit to this, you decide you are going to do this. There are no mistakes. The only mistake I could live with was if you tripped and landed face first in a box of doughnuts." I thought that was pretty funny. And humor is 75% truth.

    I hope your blood tests come back with good news. I have been tired lately too (Day 13). I figure it is just because my body is now a fat burning machine, and it is working hard to burn all this extra fat I have been lugging around.

    Keep fighting the good fight! YOU CAN DO THIS!
    1770 days ago
    Interesting, I have to go find out more about Whole30.
    1772 days ago
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