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BLC22 Week 2 - Various, Including CICO, Revisited

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My two goals for BLC22, as posted last week: 1) To get below 160 and 2) To have fun doing so.

My beginning weight was 173. After the first week, I weighed 168.4. My CICO scores showed that I should have lost 1#, not 4.6#. I had just arrived home after being gone for a week for DS's wedding, and there had been a lot of eating at restaurants, and being the Salt Magnet that I am, the weight showed up high for the weigh-in weight. I am happy, however, that I am closer to my goal of getting below 160. I just over 8.4# to go! emoticon

I actually have eaten lunch out twice this week, but made sure that I had a large mixed green salad, fresh fruit, and Greek yogurt for dinner, so that I had carbs and proteins and veggies but not so many calories. It helped me stay in range!

Then another day, I was going to have a large dinner, so I had that huge salad for lunch. I also remembered about a Sparkfriend's suggestion a year or two ago about adding some crunch to the salad by crushing a few spicy Doritos. It doesn't take many, and I am sure to track them. I love it! I used to use no fat or low fat dressings, but I have found that I prefer to use less of the regular dressings.

My 1500 minutes of fitness minutes per month may be high, but I am still going to try to do so. I must watch my foot injury, but I even did some chair exercises today and that got me some extra time beyond my walking. DH just finished repairs on a bike - I have been told it is a vintage bike [just an old time bike - no gears - all woman powered lol] - we found it at a garage sale a few years ago, it went into a shed until I had time. Yes, I should have made time back then. We bought new tires, DH sanded rust, and primed and painted, and as soon as I buy a helmet, I will be enjoying my bike on our city trips and when we go camping. Our July camping will be at a place that will be awesome to ride a bike!

I will continue to aim for 5 or more freggies, 80% of the time. I have done well with that, with the exception of one day having none for dinner. I am aiming for one at each meal, but of course there has to be more than that at one or two of them.

I am doing well with this so far this week. I had 8 servings today! Fresh tomatoes are a great treat this time of year.

I still plan to prepare different foods/recipes. I enjoy that! It's fun! I am also using a Big Boss halogen/convection oven that I bought last fall and didn't use then. I have baked a graham cracker pie crust in it, I baked potatoes in it tonight, I also did a cake mix in small bread pans. It has a learning curve, that is for sure, but I didn't have to heat up our house when heating up the big oven. I use our crockpot a lot in the summer, but it is nice to have something else besides it and the microwave.

My reward is still going to be my PCP noticing that I have lost weight and also the one that I will have to buy - the Janome sewing machine. Now THAT will be fun!


Eaten 1190
BMR 1727
Exercise 215
Total Burned 1942
Differential (-752)

Eaten 1288
BMR 1727
Exercise 286
Total Burned 2013
Differential (-725)


Eaten 1472
BMR 1727
Exercise 259
Total Burned 1986
Differential (-514)


Eaten 1281
BMR 1727
Exercise 286
Total Burned 2013
Differential (-732)


Eaten 1595
BMR 1726
Exercise 420
Total Burned 2146
Differential (-552)


Eaten 1377
BMR 1726
Exercise 515
Total Burned 2241
Differential (-864)


BMR 1726
Exercise 526
Total Burned 2252
Differential (
Here's to a great BLC22! Let's go, Ivory Falcons! [and all the other teams as well!]

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