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Thursday, June 13, 2013

anyone in their right mind knows if you are distracted from your main focus you will not perform well at either .
having said that - all these HORRIBLY expensive STUDIES that tell us what we already know are pathetic.
everyone knows that driving a vehicle commands FULL attention. no daydreaming, no conversations - especially serious ones - neither with a passenger, or your hand held 'DEVICE' ( its a phone stupid) or HANDS FREE - (again - it is a phone) .
no blue tooth - no 'ipad' or "i" any thing - or YOU OR ME OR HIM OR HER!!!!
when kids come to visit their parents, or grandparents - they are unable to carry on a conversation because their heads and eyes are down looking at what ever texts are coming in and going out.
it is well documented that babies will look at the screen of a techie device now longer than gazing at their mother. how sad.
the 'ROBOT' theory is very alive and well - and more than ever it is plausible now that kids can't relate to other human beings very well at all.
we don't need a study - how about going back to the old fashioned - OH MY GOD don't have a heart attack kids - but we have driven a car for years without the phone and no GPS. how did we ever do it?? good old fashioned brains - better than any 'DEVICE' you can own - and guess what you are born with it. USE IT.
if you are slicing bread - pay attention - you might lose a finger if you don;t.
if you are reading a book - be sure you are not sitting in front of the wheel of a vehicle and if you are inter acting with people - they are your focus - not some silly device in the palm of your hand.
do any of you know how you look when walking down the street and talking to --- , you look like you are some one with an invisible friend - that's what people who used to talk to themselves years ago on the street looked like.
give yourselves a rest = let your mind imagine - take a walk and look up - up from your phones - enjoy your surroundings.
we don't need any more studies - we need to step back to the right way of doing things .
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  • no profile photo BAMAJAM
    Thank you for your blog! This subject makes me sizzle!!! Oh--the sweet days of Mayberry town would be soo refreshing...haha.
    Truly, I resent the drivers who put me and others at RISK because of their selfishness. Many lives would be saved if everyone would concentrate on just driving! I agree with the comments of Slimmerjesse---
    If I were ruler of the world, there would be no cell phone use by drivers unless in case of emergency. So many deaths would be prevented. Makes sense indeed!
    Happy day to all-- and watch out for the distracted drivers on the road next to you!
    2098 days ago
    This is a topic that I continually shake my head in disbelief as I am in public - everywhere- and 9 out of 10 people are doing something electronic while - driving, biking, walking strollers, skating, shopping, etc. It is unreal. And so very dangerous behind the wheel. I resent the selfishness of those who insist they can do it well while driving. Accident stats show otherwise. I really feel that I live in a robot society. As for me, I don't text, tweet, IM, email, etc. I hate it. Have a good day.
    2104 days ago
  • TXTOAD9970
    this is the world we live in
    2104 days ago
  • LHLADY517
    so true
    2104 days ago
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