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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update on my little world. Sports are starting to wind down for now, should have about a month and a half of only having to worry about work. Than school starts for both me and my son, after this semester I should have my core requirements done and I can start working away at my main classes. Kyle plans on playing soccer for school this year and that will start right away in the fall, actually now that I think about it they start practice in August. Ugh ok so maybe a solid month of not having to worry about any sports lol. But at least with school sports I don’t coach and I just watch.

It’s been nice being able to get back in to some type of a routine for working out. When fall gets here it will be reworking the schedule again to get those minutes in, going to take advantage as much as possible during the summer. When classes start I will really need to look into the gym at school and the use of the locker rooms.

As for currently, I rec’d a text from my Ex’s ex this morning, asking if I have talked to him, rolled my eyes when I saw it and was like here we go again. A few months ago she had a warrant issued for him for I assume back child support and such. Memorial Day weekend the sheriff’s department found out where he was and went looking for him. I rec’d a text message from him that Sunday stating that he was changing his number and leaving the state and to never try and contact him again ever. So the text this morning was a reminder to me that I need to call child support and let them know he has skipped town. Our arrangement was 50/50 placement with neither owning the other child support, but now that he’s gone. . . . . I told them I didn’t want an order issued as of yet for him to start paying me support seeing as we have no idea where he was and quite frankly he has a long line of suits against him I would just be another number. I am just fine with him being gone, but if he tries to do something a year or two down the road I wanted it recorded that he left state and this son. (he has two other sons, one older than mine that he signed off on, and the other one is younger and as far as I know hasn’t see his dad since he was a baby.)

But back to this morning’s text message, from his ex, when he text me Memorial Day weekend I had forward the text to her so she know what he was planning. Well what would you think if you got a text stating the person was leaving the state and changing their number and to never contact them again. So why would I been in contact with him since then, or him with my son. . . . . I know she’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch but why bother me with this question. Apparently she has never seen an episode of Cops where the “bad” guy runs from the Cops on foot to get away. Reason I say this is because I told her he ran from the Sheriff’s department when they went to pick him up. Her first responds was how did he know they were looking for him, “they don’t forware that they are coming”. (her exact words. My first thought Really) Hmmm he’s camping I am sure if he saw the cars with the county Sheriff’s department all over them, he would put two and two together and figured they were looking for him. Even if they weren’t looking for him he should get out of there before they find out he is one that they would be looking for. She asked me something about him not having a car, I said yes he did, but I am sure he fled by foot and had someone meet him down the road. Like he was going to drive out of the camp ground when they most likely had cars all over blocking so they could check cars as they were coming and going. Not that he is that big of a criminal and killed someone but still a camp ground doesn’t have many entrances or exits. And I am sure they didn’t have dogs there to track him if he went by foot, but still not a good thing to run from them.

So today I am taking my son to see a counselor, he has me a bit worried. I come home after work and he will be sleeping, when normally he would be on his iPod chatting with his 3DS friends and playing a game. I haven’t heard him talk to them in a long time nor do I see him playing his 3DS much anymore. Not that that’s not a good thing, always been a fight with us with how much he plays, but in the same token I don’t want him moping around, hurting because his dad left him. I’ve tried to keep the lines of communications up but he keeps telling me his is fine, but his actions don’t really tell me that.

So there’s my story of the last few weeks in a nut shell along with upcoming events. Thank you for reading and comment by giving me a smiley face or rainbows or sunshine, would brighten up my day.
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    emoticon Sorry I've been out of SP for so long...sounds like you're doing great with Sparkpeople, but life unfortunately does not always get the memo...Remember you're strong and you have all the love your son needs, even if he doesn't realize that now. Keep loving him through this and he'll see... I can tell from this post how dedicated you are to your son and believe me, I know it can get busy with school activities!!
    1815 days ago
    emoticon Ex's can be a pain and it is the children that suffer. It sounds like you are a really focused mom and I am sure your son will be ok, but good that you want him to see someone.
    I have raised my boys (who are now 20 & 18) for the past 14 years alone. Yes it is good for kids to have both parents in their life but only if they can provide the love and support the children need. Their father is 300 miles away and they would maybe talk once a week for a few minutes and visit him a handful of times a year.
    Your son has you and make sure that he has other adults in his life that he knows will be there for him.
    1832 days ago
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