Day 359: Just Keep Swimming

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm not going to lie, any effort put toward weight loss this week has been purely nutritional.

In short, I feel like a slug. I bailed on my workout buddy on three separate days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) due to this crazy new project I'm working on. I'm getting in to work at 8AM and not leaving until 6. I'm really working hard - and all this mental effort is definitely coming out as physical depletion.

So, the plan today is to bail over lunch and go for a run. Just a 5K - just a quick romp around the city and back. I have my iPod charding now, my Garmin, and I'm ready just to get my legs moving.

This morning I saw a new low on the scale - 182.2 which was a surprise. It shouldn't have been - since I weighed in on the study's scale at 185 (they always have me at 3lbs heavier than my home scale..) and that would put me in at 182. Still, it was a pleasant surprise.

That's about all the news from here - thanks for all the love and support on yesterday's celebration! Onward and upward, Sparklers!
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