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My Absence Explained!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I promised my Spark Friends a blog like TEN YEARS ago (okay, like a month ago) but it totally, completely, slipped my mind.

This may deduct from my impressive Spark Member status, but I digress.

So......WHY have I been missing?
I'm sure some of you have guessed.
Maybe not.

No, that's not a beer gut. That, my friends, is a baby. Kiddo. Fetus. Call it what you will.
THAT is my little Sprout.

^This was 5 weeks ago, so my little booger is already five weeks bigger than this. In FACT, the little weasel is already 5 inches long: the size of an apple.
And Sprout's ears are where they should be. Hopefully, anyway.

The hubs and I tried for a year and a half with the assistance of hormones and medications and charting and surgeries....and when we finally decided we'd had enough and that we wanted to wait a couple of years, this little turd decided to defy the odds.

Which makes my kid invariably awesome.

I have lost a total of 7 pounds since becoming pregnant. Which is weird. Because I haven't been eating healthy. Just nothing sounds good, so I eat slower, and I eat less - somewhat accidentally. I'm trying to make it a point to eat more, but it's hard! None of this has EVER been a problem for me. So it's weird to even talk about because I've never had to deal with it! Everyone keeps telling me that it will catch up to me soon, which is relatively annoying, but I just shrug it off, assuming that they're trying to help. Everyone's trying to help, I guess.

Thus far, everything has been great. I am officially 15 weeks along TODAY! We had another doctor's appointment yesterday and heard the heartbeat for the very first time.

So, that is my explanation, Spark Friends. I have missed you all! I have missed this community. But it's been for good reason, obviously. :)

I hope you all have been doing GREAT, and I'm sorry for not checking in with you guys to see how you've been doing!!

Lots of love & Spark ON!
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