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Just plain awesome night

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last night at CrossFit was very exciting. First of all, I got to meet the owner, finally, because he's back from Afghanistan. He's quite a bit stricter and pickier than my usual coach, but super super nice and encouraging.

The WOD was this:.

7 rounds of:

12 thrusters
9 toes-to-bar
Run 400m with a med ball

Before the workout, I asked my usual coach (Andy) what I could do for toes-to-bar. He said do toes-to-bar, just do them the best you can. I honestly didn't even think I could do knees-to-chest but CrossFit once again showed me I can do things I didn't think I could! Andy helped me get some momentum, active shoulders, and the swing down and I actually did them pretty well! I was so proud of myself. My hands gave out before anything, of course! I have GOT to work on my grip strength for these tiny little spider legs I have for fingers! I have the weakest hands IN THE WORLD. By the 6th round, I was doing knees-to-chest in groups of 2 or 3 and taking a break to stretch and massage my poor hands and cry a little! LOL

The running with the medicine ball was the worst... LOL. Once, a long time ago, I did a CrossFit workout at home that included running with a medicine ball and I seriously considered just chucking the dang ball in some bushes and retrieving it later. Last night it was completely horrible- thought I was gonna die! I can barely run WITHOUT lugging a heavy ball along for the ride. But I carried a ball each round- some people didn't- and I ran every step, through the pain when other people did walk some so I am very proud of pushing myself for that.

Since the owner was back, Andy actually worked out with us which was a treat, since he is usually coaching, he doesn't do the WOD with us. It was cool to get to see him suffer with us :) and I was actually only a few steps behind him finishing, although, of course, he RXed it and I scaled it considerably.

I was feeling a little disappointed with my thrusters because I had to go so light... but since it was a sprint type workout, we were reminded that we had to pick a weight we could pretty much do 12 unbroken thrusters with each round. So I had to go pretty light, but I focused on the proud parts- getting so many good knees-to-chests and running with that effing ball each round!

Reminder, when you disappointed about anything in life, be it a workout or anything, remind yourself of the good! Always makes me feel better.

I had a nice sensible dinner and woke up this morning hungry- what I strive for! I usually eat a good breakfast and lunch but dinner/too much dessert get me bad at night... but when I wake up hungry I know I did a good job the night before, so go me! Wearing a pair of non-stretchy jeans today that I've been avoiding lately, so feeling good about that. Maybe I'll be able to confidently wear my Tiny Sexy Pants soon, it's been too long since I've worn my Tiny Sexy Pants!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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