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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before I say anything I wanted to note that I know I have really long blogs and talk about way too much stuff and in way more detail then are needed...but I miss the journaling I did at my old sight and don't particularly care for the journal option here so I use my blog entries as my journaling. So I apologize to those that find these too long and rambling and way to much detail. :) I like to talk a lot and about every detail so makes me feel better to put that in my journal.

Thank you everyone for all the support on my previous blog! Means a lot to me!

I'll start with the job interview stuff. The call I received to come "meet the staff" was a bit misleading. I had asked my younger sister, who has done the job search more recently than I have, about it and she's done it before and said it's usually just what it sounds like, a chance to meet with the people you will be working with to get their opinion and see how well you fit. Turns out I wasn't meeting with the staff but was being interviewed by 4 people; the president, his secretary and two vice presidents. It was a very formal, tough interview!

There are things I do well but interviews, especially formal ones, are not one of those things. I didn't feel like the vp's liked me at all, especially the very young male one but was fairly confident that president and his secretary did. Left there knowing that I didn't get a good feeling for how I did and the reception to my answers.

Got the call from the president today that I did not receive the job. He said I came in 2nd out of the 3 finalist. Went on to be very complimentary about me and my skills. Said he expects to have some openings next year, due to retirements, that would fit my skills and will keep me in mind for them and hopes I will consider them when its time.

I was/am disappointed. I think I would have really enjoyed that job and some of the employees. As I drove away from the second interview, thinking about how I did, I felt that my chance for the job had def gone done, I came to a kind of peace that if I didn't get the job I'd live, that I wasn't going to take it as a personal rejection, that at least I had a job still and that eventually I'd find where I'm suppose to be and where I'm happy. So when the news came I was disappointed but not crushed and crying. May sound silly to some but I was so excited about it I thought I might cry if I didn't get it. I do find it ironic that I've been waiting 10 years for my current boss to retire, and without knowing that, this guy told me he might have a job for me when someone retires!! seriously??!! :sigh: more waiting on people to retire! lol

And on that boss actually discussed retirement with me! I was floored! For years she has refused to discuss it, even with her husband. Apparently she feels that even though she's 74 people shouldn't ask about her retirement. When she first alluded to it I told her she wasn't going to leave, but she insisted and I kept telling her that she's said that for 10 years and always stays. She actually told me that she had picked up her retirement papers and talked to kpers (retirement plan for kansas goverment workers) about the best time of the year for her to retirement to maximize her benefits. she also discussed things she wants to do in the office before she leaves, such as clean out the files, etc. If she leaves I should be given her job, that's the way our boss has talked and what she expects him to do. He and I have discussed it and he plans to change our job descriptions and give me more responsibility then she's had. I'm not holding my breathe that she is actually leaving but if she truly leaves it would take some of the stress and negativity out of the office. And both of those would help me feel better about going to work.

Will her retiring make me enjoy my job? I don't know for sure, it'll help but there would still be lots of issues. think it'll help me deal with stuff to be a boss again. Before this job I've never been at a job longer than a year without being promoted to a supervisor and I've been there over 14 years, no promotion, and she still treats me (and everyone there) like we are children who need her supervision to do everything. Anyway, like I said before I'm done job searching for awhile..I just can't handle more rejection or stress or getting my hopes up. I had decided this before she mentioned her plans so we'll see if she leaves and if that and the increased responsibility helps me enjoy the job more.

I've had lots of plans for that office..some for over 10 years. If I like the job or not sure would be nice to implement some of my plans and bring that office into the 20th century!

I'm finally done talking work for awhile. :)

Weigh in today was down almost 2lbs!! woohoo!! That makes over 35lb lost! I find myself not as excited about that as I should be. Not sure why...maybe because I'm not seeing a difference yet? I've noticed a difference in my energy levels and my workouts but not my physical appearance or clothing.

I've had three nights of workouts this week. Monday and tonight kicked butt! Tuesday I walked for 45 minutes but didn't push the pace too hard, although was def sweating a lot when I was done so maybe worked harder than I thought haha.

Monday and Wednesday's there is a class, kinda like a circuit class; where we spend 5 minutes on the treadmill at a high incline and decent speed; after that we do 5 toning/weight stations for a minute each; repeat that 3 times increasing the speed and decreasing the incline each time.

For the first time ever I did 5 minutes at 3.7! and that was at a 2% incline!! whoot! whoot! The instructor did the class with me tonight as it was just us and I felt good when she was exhausted at the stations just like I was and I was able to keep up with her :D Legs were already sore from Monday's workout and she did more leg stuff today plus upper body and abs and I'm already feeling the combo of the two workouts.

Think I've babbled til I'm out of things to say and it's bed time! :)

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  • GEORGE815
    Finishing second can be rough. Good luck!
    2575 days ago
    Sorry it didn't work, but it must not have been meant to. All things will come in time. You have a good attitude and congrats on your loss!
    2577 days ago
    Sorry the job prospect did not work out this time around, but hopefully something is better waiting around the corner. That's usually what I find out later when something did not come to pass. Sending happy thoughts!
    2580 days ago
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