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Comfort Zones and Battle Zones - Tales from 100# Down

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I have learned that this journey is made up of many parts. After all it will be THREE years next month since I began my trek down from 350+ I'm no speed demon in weight loss but I have made progress and kept it off. That is a big victory.

I have come to learn that I have two "zones" on this journey. One is the Comfort Zone and one is the Battle Zone.

Briefly, the Comfort Zone is what we "ease" into. It's the level of exercise and the quantity and quality of food that is EASY for us to maintain. The Battle Zone is when we push hard to increase exercise duration and intensity as well as making those healthier choices in food and staying well away from the top of our calorie range.

Now let's talk about these two. The very nature of the names should give you an indication of why one is easy and the other hard. COMFORT - that's what we want to do, what feels good, what is easy, what is routine, what doesn't make us think, work hard, or feel deprived.

Signs you are in the COMFORT zone include: not tracking calories or fitness, mindless snacking, going for quick and easy food choices instead of healthier ones that take preparation and time, using leftover (if any) minutes in your day for fitness, avoiding the bathroom scales and your sparkpeople connections.

Signs you are in the BATTLE zone include: weighing and measuring food, scheduling exercise before other leisure activities, making quality food choices even if you have to cook it yourself, being active on the Sparkpeople site, checking in with teams, participating in challenges, reading articles and blogs, pushing for more minutes and greater intensity in cardio and not allowing people/events to change your course.

The very nature of a BATTLE is that you are FIGHTING for something worth having. Isn't your better health worth having? It will require a fight to achieve it. Any soldier can tell you that a battle will come with some pain (shin splints from running), some sacrifice (choosing a salad over pizza), some time (getting up early to exercise or using part of your lunch hour at work) and relying on your fellow soldiers to "have your back" (this would be your sparkteams and friends).

It's soooo easy to get into the COMFORT ZONE. We love doing what we know best and doesn't require much but that's the very reason so many of us are here. We know that the COMFORT ZONE won't lead to significant, sustained weight loss. Only moving into the BATTLE ZONE will.

So where are you? Are you READY to step into the BATTLE ZONE? Is it worth the fight?

I think so! SOLDIER ON!
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