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Effort = Results (Week 1 recap, week 2 plan)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekly Calorie Deficit (CICO): -6412

Exercise Minutes: 480

Lost: -4.9 pounds

I had an emoticon week 1 of BLC. I tracked my food, I tracked my exercise, I kept track of my calorie deficit and I have checked in with my team daily. You may notice my weight loss is way higher than my calorie deficit shows it could be and I am going to attribute this to getting back on track after having taken a break from eating well and exercising for several weeks. Getting back into the routine really works!!

So, reviewing my goals from last Wednesday as well as my BLC goals, here is where I stand:

1. Tracking. I did really well with this over the past week. Every meal, snack and treat was tracked. I was in my calorie range every day but one.

2. I did OK with the morning exercise. I still slept in a couple of days when I could have easily gotten up and gotten in a 45 minute or hour workout. This one I am going to keep working on.

3. Cutting out sugar: I had a little sugar this week (mainly in the form of chocolate covered goji berries and frozen fruit bars). Haven’t started the “Beyond Sugar Shock” book yet. I need to pull that out tonight when I get home!

4. I am definitely meeting new friends. The first weekend challenge helped a lot with that as we all got to share a little about ourselves to earn points.

My plan and goals for the week ahead:

1. Continue with the successful tracking

2. Get up every week day morning before work and workout for at least 45 minutes. I would like my weekly exercise minutes to increase to over 500 this week. I did get up and go for a walk this morning so I’m on my way!

3. Work on the sugar issue. Put at least two strategies into effect to help curb the sugar cravings

4. Exceed the daily challenges. I am great at doing just what needs to be done to get the points. This week I want to do more than what is required. That means, extra card flips for Turbulent Twists on Thursdays, more than 5k miles on Friday and more than 500 steps ups on Monday.

I’ve also been thinking a little bit about rewards for BLC. I haven’t often given myself rewards in the past. I’m the type of person who when I decide I want something, I just buy it. This round, I want to make myself work for those rewards a little bit.

I was thinking this morning when I was walking that I have a lot of winter workout out gear (long pants, shirts) but could definitely use a few more things for warmer weather. So this first week, if I get up and workout every weekday morning before work I will pick up a new summer weather workout outfit.

I don’t expect a huge loss like I had this week every single week so for week 2 of BLC22, I’m going to shoot for a loss of 1.5 pounds. If I reach this goal, I will get to buy one new workout DVD (there are several that I’ve been looking at so this will be a good way to work toward that).
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