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Can I Buy A Friend?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You know, sometimes it would be nice if you could take out a "personals" ad for a friend.

Imagine if you could request to meet somebody who would:

- be supportive of your goals, and applaud you when you meet them, without being jealous.
- cheer you up and make you not feel like a loser when you slip up.
- allow you to say, "I'm depressed" without making you feel guilty over it, or following it up with a long speech about how depressed they are,
- allow you to feel sad without also feeling guilty because "other people have it worse."
- allow you to feel energized and enthusiastic without also being told to "calm down" or being treated like you're an annoyance.
- allow you to talk about your dreams (even the loftiest ones) without being ridiculed or grilled about the timetable.
- have lunch with you and respect your food choices
- stop consistently telling you how "jealous" they are of you, and resent you for being you.
- exercise with you, or agree to be your exercise challenge buddy.
- let you "vent" without using all that against you later, or making you fee stupid or hateful for having frustrations.
- just genuinely care about you and your happiness.
- allow you to genuinely care about THEM without thinking you were "up to something."
- just see the same beauty in the universe that you see, and allow themselves to share in that beauty.
- in other words, be a real FRIEND.

Wouldn't that be great? Sigh.
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