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Finally here!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And it is finally here! Now, I just have to make it through 6 more hours of work and a 5.5 mile walk home. Hit the shower and leave. My wonderfully awesome son is going to load the car and get the grass cut this afternoon and then we are off!

Had another great walk/jog last night. I got in 4.5 miles in an hour. Closer to 4.6 miles, but I am only taking the 4.5. The back feels great again. The eating was on track and I have apples and yogurt to snack on in the car for tonight and tomorrow. Well those and some jolly ranchers. So, not too bad a selection. It would have been candy bars 6 months ago.

My friend is saying the visibility should be good by the time we get there and dive on Friday. They said the tropical storm that blew through really churned up the close in sites but should settle down by this weekend. He was going to get in the water the first time today due to that. Surface temps are 81 degrees so no real cold water gear is needed. My plan for a wetsuit got screwed when I forgot to swing by a friend’s house to pick it up. He is now gone so no borrowing one. Now I will need to rent or buy. Oh well, I will likely buy one. Just hope the shop is open early!

Ugh, now I know I will get no sympathy, but I now need to struggle through these 6 hours. The last few will be the worst as I finish tying up the loose ends and not have much this afternoon. So, I may be burning and extra hour to leave earlier than planned.

I am a tad disappointed I didn’t make it under 250 by the trip. But I am not above it by much. The weight tracker has me right there, but I have a few more than that as of this morning. Maybe I will weigh myself after I sweat on the walk and will crack that barrier, just to say I was there. Now it will just be a matter of limiting the damages while I am down there. So, I need plenty of seafood and fresh fruits. I am going to the orange state after all so that should not be an issue.

I will hopefully do some blogging from down there and post a pic or two from the bottom of the ocean. Here’s to no sunburn and lots of diving!
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