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Starting the BLC Lemon Summer Challenge...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

There's a gap between challenges. Usually I find myself wasting time and energy taking off weight I'd put on, in that gap (just over 2 weeks)

But this time I made myself a small and doable goal of 3kgs - which would put me under 100kgs for the start of BLC SUMMER.

AND I DID IT! First weigh-in of the challenge today, put me at 99.8kg - what a great mental head-start!

Also I have realised that this is the first 'self-powered' goal I have met, for a very, very, long time. By 'self-powered' I mean no outside pushes eg deadlines from external sources. This was a doable measurable goal that I set myself.
This is BIG. This is HUGE. This hurdled so many mental blocks that I can't even begin to describe the wonder I feel at having done it.

It also exposed to me just how little I actually believe in myself. Now I know - if I continue to keep these goals small and doable; continue to acknowledge uncomfortable sensations and thoughts that come up when outside my comfort zone - then just keep moving; I will get there.

My goals for the Summer Challenge are:

Doable but challenging.

1. I aim to lose 15 kilos (33lbs) by the end of the summer challenge. It's big, but I believe I can do it! In 10kgs time (89kg) I aim to start running outside, as I promised myself I would. I promised myself to start on the treadmill at 99.9kg, which I have done, and getting outside to run is both a reward and a challenge.

My rewards for the weight loss over this period haven't changed. I give myself lots of little rewards for little steps taken. Some of my rewards are physically challenging, but I believe that in doing them I cement the sense of achievement I have in meeting that goal.

Here they are for the next 15kgs (the rest are on my Sparkpage)

99.9kg trip to Healesville and start higher impact work.
95kg swim 50 laps
93kg free concert
89.9kg start running outside
87kg DATE!
85kg bush walk with Mike (brother and avid supporter of ME)

2. By the end of the challenge, make it to the gym or pool, or walking... 5 days a week. ergo - pass 3000 fitness minutes for the whole challenge! Breaking it down to doable goals --- right now I am making it 3-4 days per week. I will add a day in week 3, then again in week 6.

It will be a PRIORITY in my life to get well physically. I have reflected over the last 2 challenges and while I have worked at it, I have been sloppy at it too. Emotional and psychological baggage will be worked on as I go - not when I crash!

My long term weight loss goal is 45 kilos by the end of April 2014. Then I start proper on hiking fitness!

I am not imagining that this is going to be easy. This is WAY out of my comfort zone. But a wise woman said to me today that between the comfort zone and quality of life, is a corridor of anxiety. It will be bloody uncomfortable, but it won't kill me. I (now) value my health, I have weight loss as my first goal toward that - it's not going to be easy but step at a time I will reach it.

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