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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A couple of the nurses took off early today. Makes for a quiet afternoon. Very hot out. I plan to go home and get more piddling work done...I have a dead log to move, some mulch to move, some earth to move and some trimming.If I can get it done by Fri evening, then Sat I can mow for 5 or 6 hours and have next Mon and Tues free to craft. Yea!
I put in for July 5 today...We have the 4th off...so I want to have a long weekend for a change. I'm feeling a lot more energetic, but still have a lot to do. July and Aug I want to focus on downsizing the junk we have in the buildings!
I had a really good treat today. I have a goal to be out of debt before I retire.I thought one of my bills was due for pay off this month. went to the bank and found out I still have over another month and it's over 2/3s done. yea. I'm doing the snowball plan...I take the lowest, pay it off, then apply that payment to the next lowest and so forth. I'm on a roll. I'm choosing NOT to treat myself to art trips until I can pay in cash. My goal is to get rid of enough junk to close my storage bins and that will save another 200.00/mth. Sister just doesn't get it. Just keeps adding junk to the pile. I'll wait until she goes someday and then back a truck in. That will help! Meanwhile...
I think that this must be the season for a lot of Sparkers to get focused on healthier living. I see so many blogs on food, exercise, goal setting, and other healthy self preservation activities. I have just learned consistency over the last 4 years, so I feel pretty overwhelmed when I read blogs that declare...I'll never eat chocolate again, or that some goal is a 'no excuses...I will do it' situation. There are days I feel lucky just to get up and brush my teeth, much less measure out 12 grapes to meet some calorie limitation. I average 1000-1500 cals/day...but if I go under...I'm not going to go crawl into the refridgerator to find extra calories so that the calorie goblin doesn't beat me up for 'starving' ...and I'm not going to beat myself up if I go over. Like Scarlet...tomorrow's another day. I'm learning what I can live with....what I want to live with...and what my life allows me to live with. No anxiety...just choices...some good, some not so good...and everyday seems to pass even if I don't meet some self prescribed recipe for success. Life goes on. And I'm so glad to be in it.
Keep Sparkin' all and be blessed.
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