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Day 2 of project NDK?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I feel like I need to try to set some solid goals. I think some much more solid short-term goals will help me in the long run.

Right now, all my costuming is focused on an event in Sept, so I thought that might be a good short term goal. Then again, 3 months seems like such a long time. T..T Maybe it's not short enough? lol I thought about how I set my goals in the beginning. I had my long term goal.. a slightly less long term goal, and then one short term goal.

My short term goal was just to work out 6 days a week and eat between 1400-1600 cal a day for two months straight. Now that I think about it.. Two months seems like a long time, too! LOL

My reward for the two month challenge was to finally get my Shin Megami Tensei tattoo. I still haven't gotten it yet XD Maybe in Oct at ACL... I'm pretty picky when it comes to artists, and I haven't seen anyone in town that impresses me. There's a lot of talent in Austin, but I've found that it's really tough to schedule appointments when you live an hour and a half away. I've tried a few times, and things have fallen through, and I'm left looking for an artist that wants to deal with someone from out of town. I think I'm just going to have to start small and get a little piece with one artist first to try to build up some sort of artist-canvas relationship before I get the big Castlevania backpeice I want XD

But that's neither here nor there. It's been established many times in this blog that I am a total chicken when it comes to driving long distances by myself.. doing things by myself.. going new places by myself.. etcetc.

And guys wonder why girls go to the bathroom in pairs...


I did really well yesterday. I had the single most awful workout I've had in months with the smallest burn I've seen in probably 6 months, but I got it done. I was struggling with all sorts of headache problems all day yesterday, so I feel like it was an accomplishment to get the workout done at all.

I did ok, food-wise. I kept it under 1600. My new range for my current weight should be more like 1300-1500, but I'm still having lots of problems with food. So, I feel like it's a pretty good day if I end it under 1600. I can always work on cutting out that extra snack or cutting my meal sizes down after I get a streak going. The first two-three weeks are always the hardest. After that, it becomes much easier to say no, IMO.

So, if I make some sort of challenge, today would be day two of Nan Desu Kan challenge! (NDK being the Denver convention)

I'm really loathe to proclaim any sort of challenge whatsoever, though, because I feel like I've been riding the failboat to nowhere lately :P

Oh well. I'm still plodding along! The current plan, costume-wise, is to work on one costume per month. I am seriously considering making prop weapons for this convention, even though I'd have to mail them to Denver, then mail them back.. or check them on the plane. Checking a large box on the plane will be like 25 bucks. It would probably be cheaper to mail it. I have friends that live up there, so I'll have to just make a decision and go with it. I'm kind of tempted to just commission a sword, though. The idea of working on one myself is pretty exciting, but the idea of having a perfect prop just show up at my house is equally as exciting :P Besides, I'm going to have a lot of armor work to do for Rayearth before the day is done. I might end up making other people's armor, too, so who knows? :X

I've been steadily plugging away at the Arshtat waist cincher. I keep dreading putting it all together, because the tricky part is getting the panel seams on (essentially) three waist cinchers to line up closely. THEN, I have to baste the bottom together, mark my boning channels, sew boning channels, blah blahblah. Once it's all done, I'm still not done, because there's a TON of hand-painting that needs to get done! I suppose it's less hand painting than before since it's a smaller waist cincher and therefore less surface area, so I suppose I can look at it that way :P

Also, I've been thinking about this.. if I can stay committed and get back on track.. I'll be back on track right in time for Halloween again. BUGGER! That's what threw me off last time! Nooo! Also, Whatever costumes I complete in months 1&2 may not fit properly by moth 3. I think I'll have to work on the elastic waistband costumes first.

So.. after I finish Arshtat, I'll work on finishing Arche, because srsly. MCHammer pants.

In actuality, the pants are pretty much done! I started working on this costume like 5 years ago. I have the wig (it needs to be finished), all the fabric to make the white top, and the pants are like 95% done. I just didn't finish the white triangle detail on the bottom left pant cuff. It's an elastic waistband, so I'll just pop the seam on the band, pinch the elastic tighter, and re-baste it. If the pants are too poofy, I may need to just zip the seams smaller on the outsides of the legs or something. MC hammer pants are forgiving, though, so if I make them snug, any 5-15lbs I manage to lost by Sept shouldn't matter too much in the fit of the costume.

Then, I suppose, I can work on Kyoko. I was planning on doing an elastic-banded circle skirt for the small pink skirt. There's a black bustier under the red thing, and that will require proper fit. The red thing over it is pretty shapeless, though, so I bet that's a good one to work on next.

Last will be Rayearth, then, since it has a high, snug waistband that's bordering on a waist cincher on that silly pleated skirt. I'll probably want to be a slacker and save all the armor for last, anyway. :X I may be casting resin gems for this, too. We'll see!

Yeah, I've noticed it too. I seem to have a thing for the "red" character. :X

So, here's a pic of my dining table currently. It's so much cleaner than when I was working on Kefka!!

Two of the waist cinchers are assembled, the final one is by the machine. I need to take in panel 2 on ALL OF THEM, since no matter what I seem to do, it is always bigger than the others. I need to bring it in tighter at my underbust, and one side of panel 2 should fix it after I get it sorted. I don't have access to proper coutile in Waco, so for projects like this that don't need THAT much support or shape, I use two layers of Duck Cloth. The stuff is quite stiff, but eventually softens a little. It's strong, though, and that's what I need. I dont' have to bother with twill tape at the waistline for smaller projects like this! It's magic.
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    Sometimes what helped me (especially in trying to get off the S.S. Failboat) was setting REALLY short term goals, like for the week. No matter how small they were, like no eating out until Friday, or keep it under 1500 for 4 days out of the week, the sense of accomplishment of the small stuff seemed to be what gave me the energy to tackle the big stuff. I set up a wall calendar and wrote goals on it as well as my weight goals and tracking my progress in a different color, just to help me stay on track with stuff. IDK, maybe something like that could help you.

    Anywho, it's great to see you're off to a great start for your next Con in December! I always feel great when I'm on the ball like that. As always I can't wait to see your progress and your finished pieces!
    1780 days ago
    what about doing exponential goals? First goal, one week, second goal two weeks, third is a month. =) Time will fly!
    1780 days ago
    good short term goals. I find that setting monthly goals helps me.
    1780 days ago
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