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Tremendous Tuesday

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I am on the downward race again. emoticon

My foot felt pretty good yesterday, but is hurting again today. To answer a few comments from yesterday.
1) yes, they recommended NSAIDs, but since they can not conclusively rule out a fracture which won't show up until all swelling is down, I won't take them. NSAIDs impair bone healing.

2) I have to be in extremely severe pain before I take any pharmaceuticals. After having an abdominoplasty and knee arthroscopy I took Tylenol twice. I can tolerate pain (it proves you are alive). People don't die from pain, though they might want to.

3) I am treating conservatively. No impact exercising, which means I am not even fitness walking right now. I am riding the bike. I am not even using the elliptical because, though low impact, it means standing on my foot too much.

A SIDE NOTE- Did you know that Ibuprofen not only impairs bone healing, but also weight loss?

Today Rich and I are picking up 30# of strawberries. Guess he will be making jam tomorrow! I bought low/no sugar pectin.

Hubby said that while gone, he wouldn't allow any candy and crap into camp! He and his siblings are ALL Type 2 diabetics. He also asked me to coach (read 'nag') him to eat better and get some exercise. Hopefully, I can be the incentive that he needs to improve his health.

I am strong on tough love and accountability, so that sometimes is seen as being harsh. ANYBODY can succeed, though we all succeed at different rates. It comes down to wanting it badly enough to do what needs to be done to get it. It is all up to you! Or my husband as the case may be.....

Anyway, I need to get to work, so have a

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