Day 357: Rules for Packing Lunch

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

That, my friends is what breakfast and lunch looks like on a regular work day.

You see, I don't cook. Ever. Anything. So, getting things that are pre-packaged is important to me.

So, what are my rules?

1. Represent all basic food groups. Protein, Carbs, Fats, Sugars. Well, I should say, sweets. I have a wicked sweet tooth and the only way to keep it at bay is to have something sweet in my grasp or I will make a run for the vending machine.

2. Portion control. Just because a can of Chunky Soup is easy to tote - well, I'll HAVE to eat the whole can. And that can be 300 calories.

3. Plan snacks. Notice how everything is separable? Well, that's intentional. I eat something pretty much every two hours.

4. Beware of high-calorie options. I try to spread out my calories since I'm eating so often during the day

5. Aim for at least one fruit or vegetable a day. Mostly because they take longer to eat and are more filling

Well, them's my rules. When you guys pack (if you pack) do you have anything that you try to accomplish each day?
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    I cook almost everything. My workday lunch bag looks like this: Muscle Milk Protein shake, greek yogurt, strawberries, clementine (or some other fruit), 3oz grilled chicken, salad (lettuce, dried cranberries, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, feta cheese).
    2323 days ago
    I'm glad I saw this today! My company moved and I need to be better about packing food for the day. I am pretty good at throwing a larabar and a piece of fruit in my bag but more often than not, i'm stumped on what to pack for lunch so I end up with a box of jello, just to get by.
    Today I packed a salad for lunch and it was sorta pathetic. Spinach, a can of tuna and an ounce of parmesan cheese with a splash of balsamic vinegar. I guess I hit the food groups but it was not yummy...
    I'm going to take a lesson from you and make my rules and stick to them. Thanks!
    2324 days ago
    Your food looks pretty healthy for prepackaged stuff. I would be a bit leery of relying of packaged foods. A lot of them have hidden calories and lots of chemical things added to preserve them for long periods of time. I think you might like cooking after a while, it can be quite therapeutic and creative. emoticon
    2324 days ago
    Your lunch looks somewhat similar to mine :-p I'm amazed that you don't cook or package food... I thrive off of putting my food together, it's part of what makes it all satisfying to me. just goes to show to each their own :)

    I tend to have breakfast, a snack and lunch at work - I usually aim to have some sort of carb with protein for breakfast, fruit and protein (usually dairy - yogurt or cottage cheese) for snack, and sandwich and fruit for lunch. I prefer to eat often in the morning and then I'm usually fine for a long stretch until dinner. I'm also a sandwich lunch person, it's a bit more heavy calories than some other options, but I balance it out with the rest of my choices. I focus on veggies at dinner (bonus - it helps make sure my fiance gets his veggies too, because he eats what I cook)

    so today, I had a bag of kix cereal, a little 4 oz tupperware of milk (portable cereal ooo yeah - we have a kitchenette at work with dishes for all), a banana and a hard boiled egg at breakfast. I'm saving my snack for later (yogurt, half plain half vanilla) since I didn't end up eating it, breakfast was late today due to work schedules, roast beef and cheese on rye sammich and apple sauce (no sugar added) for lunch. Some times I throw in two hard candies like root beer barrels or caramel creams for the sweet tooth. It works for me :) more dishes with the containers, but it suits my budget.
    2324 days ago
    Don't cook? Ever? My mind is blown! Anything I would have commented before I read that statement was thrown out the window because I am so shocked! :O

    Not a big fan of cooking, or just never learned?

    I think the food pictured looks great for away from home, but now I wonder what you eat when you are at home! I am mystified! It's not that I think you are eating poorly or whatever. I just can't imagine life never cooking XD
    2324 days ago
  • KAT321123
    Your lunch looks great! I love that you recognize that you need to give yourself a sweet treat in order to maintain your lifestyle.

    I'm also a frequent eater typically, and eat breakfast and lunch at my office. I don't have a "rule" per se, but my typical meals look like:
    ~Either a fruit smoothie for breakfast OR I'll bring some non-dairy milk to work and keep a box of whole-grain cereal in my desk
    ~Lunch - I do cook, so lunch is often leftovers OR I'll make a whole-grain and veggie salad over the weekend and bring some each day
    ~Snacks - I bring one non-produce snack (I subscribe to Graze Box so that's usually my one treat snack) and otherwise bring 3 or 4 types of fruit/veggies. Today it's a doughnut peach, an apple, and baby carrots.
    That usually gives me 5 or 6 servings of produce before I get home and ends up between 700 and 900 calories (about half for the day). Once I get home I'm a bit less structured so I try to leave room for a good amount of calories.

    *Disclaimer: I'm a bit of track this week, so that doesn't represent me today necessarily =)
    2324 days ago
    good job. I take the same but I'm thrifty - and buy in big packages...portion it out myself.
    2324 days ago
  • DAVIS_6311
    I try to make all my "snacks" a fruit or veggies. I also try to make sure I have lower calorie options because I am in such a rut of eating a big dinner. Thanks for posting your rules! Portion control is a MUST for me as well!
    2324 days ago
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