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Blue Lake Triathlon.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I want to say this was my first real triathlon. The last two that I have done have had shorter swim distances and where not true sprints.

I had been training for an Olympic distance. However do to illnesses and other things my swim training got behind schedule. I wasn't feeling confidant in swimming a mile in the open waters. So I singed up for the sprint distance instead. No regrets there.

To say I was nervous going into this was an understatement. Petrified would be the better word. I had a friend who was doing her first triathlon that day too. She was equally as nervous about it. I spent a lot of time calming her which helped to calm myself.

The weather for our race day was PERFECT! Cool in the morning with cloud cover (this is good for swimming) then to have the clouds part and the sun come out while on the bike ride, and warm up a bit. The morning air tempter was 54 and the water was 71! YES that's perfect.

Goals going into the race:
1) Don't drown!
2) No cramps!
3) Swim time finish, (hence the not drowning)
4) Swim time finish between 25-30 min
5) Bike time 40-45 min
6) Run time 35 min
7) Transition time under nothing longer than 5 min
8) Over all time Under 2:00 hours.
9) Podium (this was a secret goal that only my husband and my daughter knew about)
10) HAVE FUN!!!!

The swim:

I am still a 'big girl' so I signed up as an Athena group. It's for women 165 lbs or over. I knew not many would be in that group and I had a hidden hope that it would work out to my advantage. I couldn't find out how many where in my 'group' before the race and I was hoping maybe only 3 so just by finishing I'd podium. But I wouldn't know how many until the next day.

They put the Athena's with the 29 and under hot shot girls. I knew not to try and keep up with them. I also knew this would be hard for me. I made it out to the first buoy keeping up with them, I also knew I was going way too fast for myself. I tried to slow down but my breathing was already having problems. After the first buoy I went to the back stroke for a recovery stroke. With the plans to go back to free style once I got my breathing under control. That would never happen.

I was swam over by the next 3 waves of big tall men! UGH that was fun. I just kept swimming and wishing it was over. Finally I exited the water. Saw my husband and shouted to the crowd "I didn't drown!" To which I got cheers and applause. In the bike transition area I got a hand sign from my husband. 26 min that's what he had my swim time at. Let's just say that was the longest 26 min of my life!

Transition 1:

I took my time in the transition. Maybe a little too long, but I really didn't care. I was happy I didn't drown! Hopped on my bike and off I went.


Nothing big here. It's a flat out and back. Usually known for the wind! This day NO WIND! I got new aero bars for my bike and put my water bottle with a straw in it so I could drink easier on the ride. This helped a lot! I was looking cool! I was averaging about 17 mph from what my computer was telling me. I was passing people, and I was being passed some. I think I was a little too polite in some of my bike riding and not as aggressive as I could of been.

Transition 2:

This transition went well. I felt it was faster than transition 1 I had to change my shoes, and grab some more food and off I went for a run!

The run:

My legs felt heavy on the beginning of the run. I knew they would I kept running. I have been practicing running a whole 5k with out walking brakes. I had hopped that would pay off on this run. After mile 1 my legs felt better and I was in a rhythm and looked at my watch, and I was at about 10 min. Really? Next mile looked to be just over 20 min. WOW! I had taken just a few quick walk brakes. I was to the last mile and I remember thinking... Can I keep this pace, and keep this up for 10 more min? Maybe I think I can I'll give it a try.

The finish line:

At the finish line I see my husband and he videos me coming in. What I forgot about the run is that you cross the first mat, (it's the name mat) and then you go around a corner and that's the finish line. So I slowed down and walked too soon.. Damm!!

Now I wait for my friend who is behind me to finish. My husband said she was about 20 min behind me at the transition. We run about the same speed. Finally she shows up running in looking strong!

Now we must wait for the results of our triathlon. And wait, and Wait...

Finally mine are up. Because it was so big, the just had you find your name, if you podiumd than you went over to this other spot and got your medal. Kind of a anti climatic way. But this race was HUGE!

Finally there it is. My name, and my results. THIRD! That is a podium! HECK YA!

I got my medal and photos of course. As a girl who is addicted to the bling. I got TWO!

Lets look at my goals and see how I did:

Goals going into the race:
1) Don't drown! I did not drown! emoticon
2) No cramps! NO CRAMPS! emoticon
3) Swim time finish, (hence the not drowning) I FINISHED! emoticon
4) Swim time finish between 25-30 min OFFICIAL TIME; 25:43 emoticon
5) Bike time 40-45 min OFFICIAL BIKE TIME; 41:33 emoticon
6) Run time 35 min OFFICIAL RUN TIME; 31:06 a new 5k PR, a solid 10 min pace! emoticon
7) Transition time under nothing longer than 5 min emoticon
8) Over all time Under 2:00 hours. OFFICIAL TIME; 1:45;36 emoticon
9) Podium (this was a secret goal that only my husband and my daughter knew about) emoticon
10) HAVE FUN!!!!! emoticon

The bling!!!

Next up for me a 5k (the one that started it all) and then a 1/2 marathon on the 4th of july.

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