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Tuesday 6-11-2013 Assortment

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Son: Dad, I bet you can sign your name in the dark!
Father: I’m sure I could manage it. What do you want me to sign?
Son: My report card.

(With a kid this clever, his report card should be all "A's"! emoticon )
What unique role did free samples of Vicks VapoRub play in U.S. postal history?

They were the U.S.’s first junk mail. In the early 1900s, VapoRub creator Lunsford Richardson persuaded postal authorities to let him send promotional samples to random addresses across the nation without including the intended recipient’s name on each package, as previously required. Richardson was allowed to address his samples to “Boxholder,” today’s equivalent of “Occupant.”

(A dubious honor for Vicks VapoRub in my opinion! emoticon )

Multiple personality disorder

ON TV: Used on dozens of shows, including Criminal Minds and Lie to Me, this dramatic psychiatric disorder causes characters to suddenly change personalities. They have no control over the switch, and they won’t remember what they did when one of their alternate personalities took over. On The United States of Tara, for example, the title character (Toni Collete) had seven different alternate personalities, one of which is a 15-year-old; another is a male trucker.

IN REAL LIFE: It is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, but many psychiatrists question whether or not this condition really exists at all.
(I don't know, but I was pretty darn convinced by "Sybill".)
Country with the most TV sets per capita: Norway, with 1.5 sets per person. (The US is sixth.)
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