One week down...reached a compromise

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I consider this a successful week. I ate out at Denny's once, had a piece and a half of cake at a graduation party, and a piece of cake and some sherbet at a birthday party. But I stayed in or below calorie range.
I started the week with one day of water only fasting. This was a spiritual thing, but also enabled me to enjoy the taste of food afterward. If you've been eating a bunch of junk and want to switch to healthy, it helps if you are hungry. I've heard it said Hunger is the best sauce.
I've been trying to figure what to do about eating out when two friends keep wanting me to go with them. Denny's is usually the place we go. I want to thank those of you who gave me some good suggestions on my last blog.
Someone suggested that we go to Subway. I actually did suggest Subway when my ex asked me to eat out. He wanted to sit down and be waited on. I like Subway because it isn't real expensive and I can get the Veggie Delight sub and stay on my plan. Plus I really like it. The next day I went and picked one up to take home.
Several people suggested that I invite them to my house, or that we take turns cooking for each other. 1. My ex doesn't cook. 2. I don't cook any more than I have to. 3. My friends are NOT even a little bit interested in healthy eating. 4. My program is plant-based and they aren't going to want to eat my food, nor I theirs.
One or more suggested finding healthy things on the Denny's menu. Now this is where the compromise comes in. Denny's is not really into healthy food. The Fitfare menu that someone mentioned may be fine for many but it is largely based on meat, eggs, and dairy. No-nos for me. So, I will go with them to Denny's not more than once a week, and I will order a side salad w/my own dressing and red skin potatoes cooked w/o oil or fat. I did that today. While there, I found they have whole wheat pancakes and sugar free syrup that is only 30 calories for 1/4 cup. So I may have that occasionally.
Having come to that compromise, now I am viewing potlucks and BBQs to find healthier options for those. Usually I have just tried not to go too far off course, but eaten whatever was there. I really feel having reached this one compromise solution, it has helped me to see that with a little more forethought, I can be consistent with my eating even through those special days.
Oh, yes, exercise has kind of been on hold this week. I did a little early in the week, but the end of the week got pretty hectic with two graduations and a birthday party. I know, no excuse is a good excuse.
SO, I was good on the water front and pretty good on the eating front, and this week I will add more consistent exercise. I can do this thing, with the help of God and my great Sparkfriends.
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Love you all,
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    Sue, you beat me to it--I was going to tell your mom also to take something yummy for her to the potlucks. At least she could have something and not feel guilty. I have no problems with potlucks. I have it in my head that if just one person has a cat or dog, cats especially, I will find a cat hair in my food, so I just drink my water. Too bad I can't think that way about all the food that keeps tempting me. Good Luck Janet and God Bless! (hugs) Noel
    2970 days ago
    I think you are doing an excellent job figuring out how to eat out and stay on track. Since I retired it seems like eating out is what my extended family likes to do to catch up on each others lives. I am not vegan but I am trying to eat much less meat and more veggie based meals. My body does not like sudden changes! I love some of the advice I find here! Thanks!!!
    2971 days ago
    I think you made some really good decisions. It is easy for us who are not there to see possible ideas for others but you sound like you took into account the REALITIES of the situation and have found a solution for how you can make it work. Eating cake at graduation parties is completely reasonable - fitting it into your HEALTHY eating and calorie ranges is PRICELESS. I am glad you are finding solutions that work for YOU and allow you to keep your ex and your friend part of your social life. Good for you!! and actually for them too.
    2971 days ago
    Like it or not, our mis steps teach us things. I've only been vegan for a little over 6 months now and am constantly learning how to maneuver around menus when eating out. I ask the server what they suggest. A number of times they get excited and say "oh one of our other waitresses is a vegan. Let me get her for you!" The people I'm eating with, I'm sure, are initially thinking "oh geez" but they always learn something.

    Lead by example
    2971 days ago
    I would be up front with the ex - you are trying to meet half way and still go out to eat even though you are on a diet, but he has to meet half way and understand that you will only go out to eat at restaurants that offer healthy choices. My family knows that there I have a list of restaurants I will not dine in for that reason - its just the way it is!
    2971 days ago
    It is great to hear a positive update. As you open up your mind and take control of your options, what once sounded impossible starts to become possible! Good for you! And Thanks for your reply and encouragements!
    Be Blessed as you pursue your unique and personal path to victory!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2971 days ago
    Mom, you are making some great strides! I think you might look at a good potluck dish that fits your plan to take with you. That way you have something that you know you like and can eat within your program. You can do it!!!

    Love you!!
    2971 days ago
    I am glad to hear you are doing well! emoticon emoticon
    2971 days ago
    Janet, I hear you---We have so many get together pot lucks at church or Eat at our home groups. I am always in a dilemma about going anywhere. It really stresses me out. I have found a few places I enjoy eating but I am not just a plant eater so that must really be hard for you---Good Luck.

    Hugs, Gail
    2971 days ago
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    You have to find your own way in this program and it takes a little while to determine what will work and what will not work for you for the long haul. One step at a time though and you will know what is doable and I am proud of you for the changes you have already made!

    You can do this!

    Sheila emoticon
    2971 days ago
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