Monday, June 10, 2013

Over the past two rounds of BLC and the past few years of life, I have struggled at setting new goals for myself... After reaching my goal weight, I've often been too busy focusing on everyone else to really focus on any major "changes" for myself. My efforts often are spent in the wrong places, doing what is easy, convenient, and has "always worked." This pertains to many areas of my life, but they all manage to roll into one main issue... I have neglected myself for too long and it's time for change!!

Several weeks ago, all this came to a head when I had been dragging around, weak, fatigued, and unable to function "normally." I finally broke down and made an appointment with the doctor. I hadn't been in over five years (since my daughter was born). I had a laundry list of issues to discuss. You can really accumulate a lot of "issues" in the period of five years! The doctor felt it was best to run just about every blood test they could find and do a depression screening (since I have a history of depression/anxiety). A week later I returned for my lab results and to discuss my depression screening. All my labs were great (fantastic, actually), except one... LOW (almost undetectable) PROGESTERONE (and exceptionally high estrogen levels, considering my lack of progesterone). As my husband said, "this is the best 'bad' news we could get!" There WAS something wrong, but it was easily fixed, not life threatening, and possibly could explain all these issues I've faced over the past 5 - 10 years!! We learned that I've likely had low progesterone for at least 6, if not more, years. It was likely the cause of my numerous miscarriages. It may also explain the many problems I have had w/my menstrual cycle, pelvic pain I have experienced, the mood swings and irritability my family has had to deal with, the depression/anxiety I have struggled with again lately, difficulty concentration, and struggles with fatigue/weakness/exhaustion. My depression screening also showed that I was once again struggling in this area and we have addressed that w/medication, at least until we can resolve my hormonal issues. I am not able to see the GYN for hormone therapy until July 1st, so I must continue to cope until then... However, I have a plan and I'm working every day to ensure I can be healthy not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally!!

emoticon MAKE/KEEP all remaining appointments and make additional appointments when necessary. No longer "stick my head in the sand" and hope my problems will go away! Face them head on and ask for help when necessary. As of right now, I have three essential appointments:
emoticon YOGA at least 5 days/week!! This includes both a morning POWER YOGA session and an evening RELAXING YOGA session. While this used to be the daily norm, I began to struggle w/even my beloved yoga over the past few months. Often, getting in just the minimum P/Y daily to keep myself strong, but not using it properly to benefit my mind/spirit. I recently have found myself getting "lost" in my morning yoga, praying through my postures in the morning silence. It has such immense benefit and I am determined to commit myself to this goal!!
emoticon CARDIO at least 60 minutes, 5 days/week!! I used to do as much as 3 hours of just cardio daily, but I had fallen into that "working harder, not smarter" category. My daily cardio comes from a variety of activities, including biking w/my family, walking our dogs, and walking/jogging on the treadmill. I have also committed (with the support of my team) to starting a C25K program (see next goal), which I am planning to start in one week (Monday, 6/17).
emoticon COMPLETE C25K, which I am planning to start on Monday, June 17th. I've got to get life settled a bit, everything organized, and head to the running store for some shoes that don't make all my toenails fall off!! This is something I've always wanted to do... I have all these team members who participate in 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, triathlons, etc., and I've never even tried one... I have been known to work out anywhere between 3-5 hours a day, but I can't jog, much less run!! So, we're back to that "work smarter, not harder" topic, again, and I'm determined to give it my best effort and maybe I'll find a new favorite form of exercise in the process!! Even if I don't I will at least have accomplished a new goal!!
emoticon STREAKS... I am also participating in a couple of "STREAKS" for BLC22, so those are worth mentioning here, too!! I have signed up for the 12 Week Streak, which is typically a given b/c there is rarely EVER a day I don't at least start my day w/some P/Y, and most days I get about 120 F/M. I let my team select my "GP Streak" and they chose "TRACKING EVERY BLT AT LEAST 6 DAYS/WEEK!" They made the right choice b/c this was definitely the one that would be the most difficult. After being at goal weight and in maintenance for several years, I occasionally track a few days here and there, just to make sure nothing is getting out of whack (fat, sodium, fiber, etc.), but I am now committed to tracking daily!! It can only be beneficial and help me to find ways I can continue to "tweak" my food intake to improve my overall nutrition...

FINALLY, I have one other BIG GOAL for the next 12 WEEKS and beyond...
emoticon emoticon FAMILY TIME emoticon emoticon

I am committing to giving my weekday evenings and my weekends (after 10 AM, with the exception of Sunday night "RESULTS" posting) to my family!! It means I will have to work smarter and more efficiently and learn to DELEGATE (Do I even know what that word means?? I'm trying, really...) responsibilities!! :-) My family is my priority and they deserve my attention first and foremost. I've always managed to do a relatively good job at this, but it's been painful and very stressful for me!! I'm hoping my new plans will results in happy times for all!!
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  • LMK206
    looking for blogs :) how is your health now? besides being sick today.. hope that goes away soon too emoticon
    2702 days ago
    Thrilled to read you are taking care of YOU! emoticon
    2730 days ago
    Wonderful goals! You know we area all behind you. You've done so much already and are such an inspiration to all of us. emoticon
    2733 days ago
  • MURPHI13
    Glad you went to the Dr. Jane! Sometimes its the small things the make us feel the worst.... I'm certain you'll feel much better with the appropriate therapies.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2734 days ago
    Jane, Thank you for sharing how you are struggling and the things you want to see happen. I have also struggled with depression and find my body and my hormones are a major contributor to what is going on. It can be so subtle that I can be really in a bad place for weeks before it dawns on me what is going on... I am encouraged by your story and I am going to do what i need to do to take care of my body.
    1st order of business: Find a gyn here in SC!
    2734 days ago
    I think your goals are fantastic! I do especially like the last one! Family is the most important! However, the others are very realistic goals to accomplish, also! I'm glad to be seeing you through them!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2734 days ago
    So glad you went to the doc!!Well set and defined goals - they should keep you exactly where you want to be!!
    2734 days ago
    A great set of goals, Jane! I love that family time is a priority for you. I feel the same way. I hope getting your hormone levels properly adjusted makes a BIG difference for you! I'll bet it will! You are a strong, generous, kind woman, and the circle of your influence is BROAD! Let our team know how we can support you in reaching your goals! We'd love to help!
    2734 days ago
  • 35ANGELS
    Awesome Goals

    2734 days ago
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